What Is ‘Wordle’? Everything You Need to Know

by Samir Nazic
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In 2022, a little word game named Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, took the Internet by storm. As it gained popularity, many users happily put daily reminders to go and solve daily puzzles on Wordle.

If we could summarize Wordle with two words, we would use viral and hit. That’s right. A viral hit that went from 5000 monthly visitors to over 45 million.

But, before we go any further, let’s explain a little more about what Wordle actually is.

What Is Wordle?

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online game that gives you a one-word daily puzzle to solve. It’s a simple yet highly-entertaining way to combat your boredom.

If you like solving crosswords, you’ll find Wordle quite amusing. On top of that, you can share it with your friends and try to together come up with a solution for the puzzle.

How Does Wordle Work?

As said before, Wordle offers daily only one puzzle for everyone to solve. The website does a great job providing information on how to play and the only thing that needs guessing is the puzzle’s solution.

How does Wordle work?

When it comes to rules, they are very simple. The player is given six chances to come up with a five-letter word to guess the correct one.

Does Wordle have a clue you can use to your advantage? The answer is yes.

If a letter is in its right position, it will light up with a green color.  Moreover, if you guessed a correct letter, but it’s in the wrong spot, it will become yellow and if you missed a letter altogether it will be displayed in a grey box. See the image below for a better reference.

Wordle - How does it work

So, a player can put in six guessing words in total, which means there will be five wrong ones and only one that is correct. As you put the word in the brackets, you can use the above mention color rules, to find other combinations that might work.

Wordle - How it works

And for anyone that likes a little bit of challenge, there is a “Hard Mode” in the settings that can be enabled. The “Hard Mode” states that revealed hints have to be used in subsequent guesses.

What Makes Wordle So Popular?

What makes wordle so popular?Although it might be just a puzzle game, it is quite popular. There are a few key aspects that make Wordle so attractive:

Only One Daily Puzzle

This contributes to a higher stake level, as you as a player get only one chance at guessing the correct word. If you guessed it wrong, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a new puzzle and another opportunity.

 It’s the Same Puzzle for Everyone

Everyone has the same odds as everyone is guessing the same word, which makes it easier to chat about it with your friends and colleagues. Does Wordle have a clue system you can use and share to help others? Yes, it does.

Result Sharing Option

Result sharing option

Once you’ve finished with the word puzzle, you can easily share it with anyone using the given link. However, when sharing your Wordle journey and inviting others, your guessed letters are obscured. That way you don’t risk sharing the correct answer.

To Conclude

Wordle is a fun yet simple word puzzle game that offers you a chance to guess the word of the day and dazzle your friends with the results.

Use the clues and your imagination while getting the best results possible.

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