Top 6 Tools for Link Management in 2022 – Control and Use Links the Right Way and With the Finest Tools

by Ivana Banovic
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We all need a URL to access a particular website, just like you need an address to get to a specific place. The URL, commonly referred to as a link, sets the user on the right course and leads them to their goal on the internet, much like an address does.

We all type in and share many links with our friends, family, and coworkers daily. Everything on the internet revolves around sending and receiving links, whether emailing a hilarious YouTube video, sharing memes on Facebook, or working together on papers.

A link management tool might be helpful in this situation. A link management solution enables businesses and website owners to regain control over their links, from content sharing and collaboration to tracking and sharing. 

The main differences between casual link sharing and links for those who own websites are that, in the latter case, they are business tools, and there are a lot more of them. Since links can sometimes be malicious and/or broken, businesses need a link management tool. And today, we’re bringing you a list of the best link management tools on the market. 

1. WP Links

WP Links landing pageWP Links is our number one pick for various reasons, but it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need. It works on internal and external links, so all the bases are covered. Internal links manage your website’s internal traffic generated by its many pages. On the other side, all internet traffic is handled through external links.

Users won’t lose track of their browsing if your external and internal links have a distinct behavior, which you can customize using WP Links. The “follow” or “no follow” rules are the primary focus of link management. They control whether people click the link to open a new tab or if they stay on the current page.

The exit confirmation popup is another handy feature you didn’t even know you needed. With this plugin, you can create a fully customizable exit confirmation popup to ensure users are notified when they’re about to leave your site. Exit confirmation guarantees that people don’t unintentionally click away from your website and safeguards you from legal problems simultaneously. 

To top it all off, WP Links has a Link Rules tab that enables the creation of distinct rulesets for every single link. Add keywords, and the plugin will discover the links you wish to be changed right away.

2. WP 301 Redirects 

WP 301 Redirects landing pageWP 301 Redirects can fix every redirection problem you could have. Instead of being greeted by the dreaded “404” error page, your users will always end up where they wanted to be – all thanks to WP 301 Redirects. Maybe you changed the URL or your hosting providers, and some links ended up broken or no longer work. This plugin can take care of that with a few simple clicks. 

With the help of the WP 301 Redirects, your pages are constantly monitored, and a redirect will be generated every time there is an error or a change in the URL. Therefore, you never have to be concerned about losing out on SEO because of broken pages. Additionally, it has built-in charts that provide the information you want without the added weight of bulky analytics tools.

The optimized tool won’t cause your pages to load slowly because it never loads additional CSS or JS files. The final point is that there are three price options with annual minimums of as little as $39. 

3. LinkMiner 

Link Miner landing pageLinkMiner is a great backlink checker. Any domain name or URL can be entered to quickly analyze the site’s backlinks. Whether you’re researching your website or a rival’s backlinks, LinkMiner provides a detailed analysis of all the backlinks to any website you browse.

A sample of each backlink appears on-screen, making studying simple and saving you from having to open several tabs. It also provides a “save” list to collect all the links you want in one place. With this information, you can easily create a list for any category you like; for example, one for broken or lost backlinks to your website.


Snapt landing pageNearly 2,000 customers already use Snapt, one of the URL shorteners. You can get a ton of information about your audience and their behavior with the help of the links this tool generates. You can track almost anything, from the number of clicks to the geographical location of your users.

Its overlay tool is another beneficial feature worth mentioning. It can be used to send a notice to the intended location to advertise a good deal or send any other message. 

5. RocketLink

RocketLink landing pageRocketLink is a fantastic link management tool that functions as a link shortener and targeting platform. In addition to creating smaller links, companies can use it to design unique URLs to increase awareness and trust. They can also monitor how effective each link is. 

To increase conversions, marketers can use link retargeting to build bespoke audiences of people who clicked on their links and perform cross-platform retargeting campaigns. Additionally, brands can easily add UTM codes, unique images, call-to-action buttons, and many other features to their links. They can also make their own 404 URL redirections.

6. MozBar 

MozBar landing pageThis is yet another tool for building backlinks. MozBar is one of the best SEO tools on the market. More than 500,000 users have downloaded or use it currently, based on the most recent data. This tool offers a wide range of SEO-related services using the appropriate toolbar. The main advantage of its toolbar is that it is compatible with all types of browsers. Utilizing MozBar is an essential part of SEO backlink-building strategies. Most companies or websites that emphasize SEO use its services. 


Choosing the right tool that will facilitate your business is one of the most critical tasks that you will have every day. Running and maintaining a business is extremely difficult, and you must use all the possible aids to ease your situation significantly. Check out the tools we have carefully selected for you and take advantage of their many benefits.

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