Clevo Gaming Laptops – Everything You Need to Know

by Samir Nazic
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Gaming laptops are popular solutions for those who are constantly on a go or don’t have the capability to have PCs at home.

But, don’t go wasting your money on the first laptop you see. You’ll need a gaming laptop with solid and fast specifications that you can tailor to your needs, such a as Clevo gaming laptop.

But first, what is Clevo?

Who Is Clevo?

Who is Clevo?

Taiwanese manufacturer Clevo Computers has been producing laptops for more than 20 years. They first started producing laptops in the early 1990s and have since become experts in creating custom laptops, particularly gaming and business laptops.

Clevo is both the creator and the producer of its laptops, in comparison to other major manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple that develop their laptops before outsourcing their production to Chinese companies that specialize in manufacturing computers.

Moreover, Moreover, Clevo doesn’t provide laptop sales. They create sub-assemblies such as the motherboard, graphics card, and the laptop’s chassis which are then put together into a partially finished laptop.

Those partially finished laptops, also known as barebones are then sold to laptop resellers around the globe, including Sager, OriginPC, etc.

Hence, resellers can put together the final laptop with the specifications that the customer chooses. They can choose to upgrade the device’s RAM, SSD storage, wireless card, and operating system. On top of that, resellers offer warranties and customer support for Clevo laptops.

Why Buy Clevo Gaming Laptops?

Why buy Clevo gaming laptops?

Since Clevo exclusively distributes through resellers, the name of the company is barely used. Thus, when compared to well-known brands like HP and Asus, a laptop from the Clevo brand is frequently less expensive to purchase.

On top of that, if you choose Linux as an operating system you can avoid any additional costs such as a Windows license or MS Office Package.

When you purchase a Clevo laptop, you are not dealing with a new, unproven brand; rather, you are doing business with a company that has a long history of producing gaming laptops.

You Choose the Specs

You choose the specs

As mentioned before, you can choose certain specifications you wish to have in your Clevo gaming laptop.

This enables you to personalize it however you choose. Do you want a user-oriented Windows OS or prefer Linux?

Do you like to install your operating system? Maybe you want to pick the computer hardware such as HDD, SSD, or a sound card? Or do you prefer to build your laptop from the ground up?

Then, a Clevo laptop is ideal for you.

Durability and Speed

Durability and speed

The Taiwanese company’s models are dependable and sturdy. The company’s laptops are always being reinforced, enhanced, and optimized.

The only speed limit is your setup. Just choose the hardware setup to use, and you can make Clevo laptops as fast as you’d like.

For unbelievably quick read and write speeds as well as boot times, choose a PCIe M.2 SSD coupled with a potent processor and enough RAM.

Portable and Slim Gaming Laptops

Portable and slim gaming laptops

Great specs and low costs are indeed winning attributes of Clevo Gaming Laptops. But wait, there’s more.

New Clevo laptops, such as Clevo PD50PNT, provide an ultra-slim design that tucks away powerful Intel Core™ i7-12700H and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti 16GB.

Also, when you’re on the go, size counts! That is why you can make smaller laptops if your priority is portability.

To Conclude

As the gaming industry is always developing and publishing new games that require better specifications, it is key to have a good and trustworthy gaming laptop.

But, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get one. The Clevo gaming laptop is the best choice if you want to create a laptop suited to your needs.

Maybe you want a laptop with Windows as its operating system. Maybe you want a Linux-based one, with lesser storage? The Clevo is the best option for you.

Ultimately, you can make a fast and durable gaming laptop for a cheaper price.

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