How to Convert a GIF File to HTML

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What is GIF? A GIF is a compressed format of animated and static images. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The icon of the GIF is usually 32 x 32 pixels and supports 8 bits per pixel. The Graphics Interchange Format was developed in 1987 by CompuServe. Gifs are trendy in terms of texting and communication and are generally used on the internet.

Now, what is the meaning of the term “HTML.”


HTML is the abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language, which is a type of markup language that is designed for web pages. These web pages can contain different text, animations, graphics, and hyperlinks. The web pages are only accessible by entering URLs. It is a code used to display items in a web browser.

So, how to convert a GIF file to HTML? The process is simple and easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to a free OCR website. An OCR website or an Optical Character Recognition converts text documents into editable documents.
  2. Upload your GIF file.
  3. Select the “To HTML” option from the given options.
  4. Wait for your file to be converted to HTML.
  5. After the GIF file is converted to HTML, you can download your HTML if the site has a download button.
  6. If there is no download button, you can press right-click on your HTML link and click on the “save as” option and save the HTML to your computer.
  7. You can also rename your HTML if you desire.

Here are some free OCR sites:

  • com
  • com

Here are some of the best OCR apps or Softwares:

  • Simple OCR
  • Capture2Text
  • Easy Screen OCR

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