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Website development tools


To ensure business success, nowadays, you should do the first and the most important thing – to provide its online presence.  How can you do that? Right, by creating a website. This is where demand for web and software development starts. Every company try to expand their horizons and tweak up online platform, which gives them an extra boost. And web development agencies are the first to call. They assist a firm to build an application or website from scratch or help maintain the existing one. It is a full-circle development support, from designing software architecture to technical support. Starting from planning, implementing, monitoring, communicating and finally delivering the completed project before the deadline, they ensure quality at each step.

Types of services web development provides

IT companies offer a range of web development services striving to meet clients’ needs, so each client could find the one that suits them. The team of developers can provide a fully custom web development service, or help with regular maintenance, develop a web app, or optimize your existing one. Let’s simply go through these services.

Web Design

The web design process includes creating a site’s architecture, designing its layout and user interface. Designers create a draft of the app’s visual architecture, which helps to understand how an app is going to look and prepare mockups to meet users’ expectations. They can also optimize the appearance of your existing web site to any type of device.

Support and Maintenance

This service provides post-support after the project is completed.  Everything from checking your web app for broken links and scripts to updating your web app’s content or adding new features to keep it up-to-date. So, developers are responsible for the service they provide.

Wed hosting

Such web development companies provide a server space for you to establish your own business. They bring server management, backup services, software maintenance, security, and technical support and a lot of other features.

Web programming

Through using languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Java, web programmers can help you with everything from backend coding to front-end development and even make your app accessible for other companies to integrate it into their own product.

Web optimization

The developers check out how your page ranks when it comes to SEO, speed, backlinks, load times, and mobile experience and then offer effective solutions to boost your business.

The cost for web development depends on what exact service you need, amount of work and way you choose to solve it: by using a template, cloud services development or hiring an outsourcing company.

Developers’ company’s the best website development tools: comparable list-2022

The term “web development tools” revolves around software and apps that web developers use to debug and test the code and interface of a developed website or application. They vary in cost and purpose of use. There is a list of tools we utilize daily to create functional sites and apps.

  1.     Sublime text. A code editor for macOS with a rapid, efficient, intuitive interface. Has quick navigation and provides the ability to perform simultaneous edits, to name a few functions.
  2.     Atom. A text editor with a high level of customization that is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. You can add significant features with HTML and JavaScript, install open-source packages to enhance functionality
  3.     GitHub. Has the ability to see any changes you’ve implemented. Also you can add co-authors to your commit, which simplifies the collaboration process.
  4.     Sass. A CSS pre-processor that enhances the functionality of regular CSS, allowing it to work more like a programming language; includes nested rules, inheritance, mix-ins, and variables.
  5.     TypeScript. Open-source language which builds additional features on top of traditional JavaScript.
  6.     Chrome’s DevTools. You’ll gain the ability to access the internals of your website application using Chrome or Safari.
  7.     CodePen. This is an online code editor that supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Great tool for front-end projects, so if you’re working on something client-facing, you can consider CodePen.
  8.     jQuery. Simplifies the process of front-end development by making it easier to access the DOM tree.
  9.     Bootstrap. CSS framework that makes the process of designing mobile-first, responsive websites easier.
  10. Foundation. Foundation offers an array of front-end frameworks you can use to start building your customizable website.
  11. Django. An open-source Python framework is created to rapidly build scalable web apps.
  12. Angular. This allows the opportunity to develop, initialize, and scaffold Angular apps directly from the command line for ease of use.
  13. Figma. Whether you’re looking to draw up an application, website, logo, or beyond, Figma will equip you with the tools to do so successfully.
  14. Firefox DevTools. Firefox offers a variety of helpful developer features, such as those that help view a website’s source code, storage, memory, and even a debugger.

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