Video Infographics: The New Reality for Social Marketing

by Tech Billow
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Video Infographics

The way of doing communication is changing more and more, and visual messages are slowly making their way, replacing more obsolete methods. The video infographic, also known as video animation, is the ideal formula for those like you who have a lot to communicate, and want to do it well and effectively. Let’s find out why.

From Text to Video: Beyond Ten Years of History:

The way of doing marketing and positioning companies and products on the market has changed forever since the Internet has entered the everyday life of all of us. From that moment on, we found ourselves literally submerged in information and data of all kinds, almost uncontrollably. From the user’s point of view this has meant on the one hand a considerable increase in the opportunities for knowledge but, on the other, also an excess of messages to be managed (often even unwanted).

This is why the current era has been defined as “the era of attention “, where the war between companies with new marketing strategies aims to capture the interest and consideration of users.

But what are the consequences for entrepreneurs like you?

Video Infographic, the Word to the Data:

If ten years ago most of the online content was based on text messages, today we moved to the photos. The next step will be the videos and it is good to be ready, because this phase has already begun, as evidenced by the data of a research carried out last year by the American agency of video marketing Animation. We report to follow some data from this infographic on the videos, to reflect with you on those aspects that we found really interesting.

Almost 65% of the people interviewed said that they allowed themselves to be influenced by videos in making purchasing decisions. Want to see a significant increase in sales of your company? Simple, say it with a video infographic!

85% of views come from mobile devices, which makes it essential to carefully optimize videos for smartphones and tablets. Eye to the formats!

85% of the videos displayed on Facebook are seen with the sound off: do not forget, therefore, to always add subtitles to your video messages.

Did you know that about 40% of people appreciate more subtitled videos, so much so that they want to watch them until the end?

Facebook and YouTube are, to date, the platforms that still have the greatest success in terms of investments and views, but they are not the only ones. In fact, other realities, such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories, are taking hold: for this reason it becomes extremely important to be ready and up- to- date in the face of every change, and to do so you need to rely on professionals who can always advise you on the best.

Learning to communicate in an essential, targeted and effective way: using video and, in particular video animations, is the essential technique for obtaining real results while keeping abreast of the times. Do not do it today, it means to accumulate certain delay tomorrow, and find yourself suddenly thrown out of the wagon regardless of all the efforts made to date. Is it time to innovate, are you ready for change?

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