How To Local SEO For Lawyer: Improving Your Google Rankings

by Peter Hollens
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Local SEO Lawyers Improving Google Rankings

The overwhelming majority of your clients will live within a few miles of your law firm offices. This is true even if you maintain a national practice. Still, a lot of the people you could potentially help cannot find you on a map. Local SEO offers a solution.

Search engine optimization, of course, is the ever-evolving set of tools and techniques that make your website and online content visible to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Local SEO is the subset of those practices that make you visible to the web users who are most likely to contact and hire you.

So how does one do local SEO? The answer is as simple as adding the name of your city, county, or state to whatever keywords you already use. The answer is also as complex as using the location-enhanced keywords well. Partnering with a team that specializes in delivering SEO services for lawyers will help. The right team will be able to ensure your content is seen by the right demographic to generate local business. Here’s what you should know going in.

Think Locally When Acting on the World Wide Web:

Type “defense lawyer” or “divorce attorney” into a search engine, and you will receive millions of hits. Notice, though, how only a tiny fraction of those results will be relevant to you if you need legal advice or representation where you live.

Now type in “Cleveland DUI lawyer” or “Columbus child custody lawyer.” See how pretty much all the search results appear to be worth a look?

Local SEO gets your digital marketing law firms closer to the front page of search results for potential clients who know what they need. Refining the keywords that you deploy to attract the attention of search engines and draw visitors to your website will take time, but it will also be worth the effort.

Integrate Local Search Terms Naturally:

This is where things can get a little challenging for some lawyers and law firms. Doing nothing but tacking a city, county or state name onto an existing keyword will not suffice to achieve local SEO.

Search engines increasingly factor page quality and recency into the algorithms they use to rank search results. This means that newer, better-designed and more well-written content appears the highest among results for searches that do not include specifics like a lawyer’s name. Consulting with the team that provides SEO services for your law firm can put you in touch with professional page designers and copy writers who will work to ensure the quality of everything you post.

Pay Attention to Which Local Search Terms Generate the Most Web Traffic:

No SEO service for lawyers is more valuable than data collection, analysis, and reporting. Knowing how potential clients find you online allows you to refine your list and use of high-value local search terms. And the more traffic those terms drive to your website, the more cases you will handle.

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