Is It Better To Opt For A Professional Voice Over?

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Professional Voice Over

The main element of force of video animation (as well as the reason why they are so persuasive and effective in communicating messages) is contained in their ability to combine different modes of communication with great balance: from off-screen voice to music, from animations to textual content, they can stimulate the brain by leveraging different levels of understanding.

Animated images are essential to translate the contents into a simple, fun and unconventional way of thinking: they stimulate the amazement and the curiosity, catalyzing the user’s attention for the entire duration of the video.

The music is added as a further emotional lever, clearly selecting the theme and the general tone of the animation.

To all this is added also the appearance of textual elements such as phrases and key words, which serve to bring out, where necessary, the fundamental information and concepts to be highlighted with respect to the rest of the story.

The last element of this highly performing recipe is precisely the voice over, that is to say the narrator: it acts as a general glue, guiding the audience’s understanding and helping it to connect the various elements of the story. Precisely because of this specific function, it is of crucial importance in the success of the whole video animated message.

Voice Offline:

An animation is a bit like a path full of many elements to collect and understand: the user, like Policing, advances in watching the video by following the various signals transmitted: images, texts and music. The off-screen voice, in all this, constitutes a sort of guide to interpretation, a common thread capable of giving fluidity and depth to the contents.

It is evident how valuable this element is and why it is essential, therefore, to turn to professional actors rather than opt for “homemade” solutions. In fact, the voice must be considered in the same way as any other instrument: in order to generate emotions and to tell stories that are comprehensible and coherent, it must be used with competence and meticulousness.

The modulations that a professional is capable of staging through his voice are really many, and are able to completely transform the meaning of a message; trusting those who know exactly how to manage all these variations means making sure that a successful video is made.

Professional Voice Over: Never More Without

The first aspect to consider is the fact that the voice of a professional (also known as professional voice over), recorded with tools and technologies of a higher level, adds great value and authority to your videos, compared to a voiceover pulled up improvised.

Beyond this general consideration, a specialized actor will undoubtedly complete your animations through truly effective voice management techniques.

The wise management of the reading rhythm, for example, can make the narration more pressing or slow and reassuring, according to specific needs. A ringing tone instead of a soft and round one will add different shades of meaning, like the general tone of the voice that, from ironic and friendly to a more serious and heavy, will be able to generate emotions that are always different in the soul of the listener. Last but not least is the ability of every professional actor to be able to interpret different characters, each time endowed with very specific characters and with an always different role within the narration.

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