Taking Advantage of Tech: Apps and Tools that Can Make Your Life Better

by Admira Keric
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No matter what you do for work or how you spend your free time, many areas of your life could be simplified or made more convenient. Thankfully, today we have a variety of apps and tools that can be extremely useful for making our lives better and more convenient.

Like any modern professional, you likely have a mile-long to-do list that seems to grow daily. Whether it’s tasks or projects that you need to complete at work or family chores and routines that you’re always struggling to keep up with, you could probably use a hand (or two).

With the apps and tools available today, we can not only simplify our lives but also make them more productive and even safer. And all it takes is the act of downloading a few handy apps.

Here, we’ll explore a few apps and tools that can make your life better, more convenient, and safer. 

Weather APIs

Man with tabletThe weather affects every one of us. And sometimes the weather can become threatening. Correspondingly, if you work outside and among the elements, the weather probably plays an active role in your job. 

Weather APIs are tools you can use to build your customizable weather app. And instead of relying on the generic weather apps that don’t offer much detailed information, such as the apps that come pre-installed on most smartphones, with weather APIs, you can create weather apps that you can use for any specific task.

For example, if you’re a land surveyor and you need to know the details on significant weather events, weather impacts, or forecasted inclement weather, building your weather app will be the best strategy for doing so.

With a weather API, you can customize your weather app to do the following:

  • Deliver real-time weather reports
  • Get actionable weather alerts
  • Create data tables for weather events
  • Readouts of weather forecasts
  • Readings of temperature and humidity levels
  • Access detailed reports of sea-level and water temperature

With a weather API, you can build the perfect weather apps just for you and your team. And this takes the guesswork out of wondering what the weather will be from one day to the next.

Mindfulness Apps

We all know about technology in business. But what about tech for our personal lives? We all live busy lives. And sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy this short life we’re so busy “living.” But now and then, a little nudge or reminder doesn’t hurt when we need to slow it down and spend a bit of time refreshing ourselves.

Today, mindfulness might seem like a “new age” trend. But all mindfulness offers is the ability for us to remind ourselves of the bigger picture. And thankfully, there’s an app for that.

Several apps today can help us to focus and take the time to unplug. For example, the app called Forest is specially designed to enable you to stop looking at your phone for a set period. And if you haven’t unplugged in a while, this might be just the app for you. 

In addition, several other mindfulness apps can help you with guided or focused meditations, such as Calm and The Mindfulness App.

Habit Tracking Apps

Woman with a phoneWe, humans, are creatures of habit. And correspondingly, some of our habits might be either beneficial or counterproductive. With apps specifically designed to help build habits, you can not only modify your lifestyle, but you can also make your life better in the process.

For example, with the app Strides, you can track habit-building progress. And this can be used for various habits such as drinking more water daily, eating more fruit, or even limiting caffeine intake.

In addition to habit building, Strides can also help track your bad habits and help you to “reverse engineer” your poor habits. The built-in features also allow you to track the last time you engaged in a bad habit and offer reminders and a way to set goals for positive habit-building that can be used to enhance your quality of life.

We have many tools and tech that can assist us with every aspect of our lives. And as app technology has become much more advanced and integrated into our lives, one can only imagine what the next decade will bring regarding the app and digital technology.

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