How to Use an Online Index Checker Tool

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Online Index Checker Tool

Working in the SEO, one of the earlier things to come across is Google crawling and indexing. How websites aim to generate revenue is through advertising mostly. Your website serves as a platform for businesses to market their products to relevant audience. On a blog about dog care, a business that wants to sell dog food can find relevant audience. The websites and businesses are connected through Google’s AdSense. Businesses sign up at Google AdSense and using a process of getting for AdSense, websites can show advertisements. Google does the job of finding relevant websites. But before applying for AdSense, another takeaway from Google is appearing in its search engine results. Or to at least be eligible for it. To do that, Google crawling and indexing is used. Here is the whole process. Now, with the help of Prepostseo, you canindex your site in Google.

What is Google Crawling and Indexing?

Google is a search engine. It has search engine results for every keyword that you may search on it. But it is not easy to contain all the information on the web. To make this process easier, a process is used that allows websites (mostly new but old as well) to get an entry in Google’s database. Google’s database is every website that can be shown in Google’s search engine results. This is the first thing to do after creating a website. You must get indexed to start receiving viewership. Google has an internet bot called Google’s crawler. What this does is to browse the various websites on the web. Then this information if forwarded to Google’s database. Once you get an entry into Google’s database, this is called Google indexing.

How to See if your Website is Indexing?

Checking if your website is indexed should be easy. It only takes a Google search. All you have to do is type site and then add the URL of your website. Here is how your search should look like:


All the pages that are indexed by Google on your website will be shown in the results. If not, you can use another method to check if your website was indexed. This tool is called online index checker tool. On the tool, you will find that is free and easy to use. Just share the URL or URLs that you want to check for indexing. The tool does rest of the job. One of the reasons why it is a better choice to consider an online index checker tool is the fact that has the ability to check more than one websites at a time. On websites like Small SEO Tools, you can check up to 5 domains at a time.

What to Do if your Website is Not Indexed?

For starters, don’t freak out. Google indexing is not officially informed. This means that there is no specific time limit for Google’s indexing. It can take as few as 6 hours and as many as 6 weeks. There are no specific factors on which indexing depends. However, Google has a response system where you can request a recheck of your crawling on the website. Just search Google search engine console. On there, you have to share the link of your website. A recrawling should be conducted on your website after that soon.

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