The Internet is it Changing the Way we Think?

by Peter Hollens
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Our educational system today revolves around the simple fact that we have the world’s database at our fingertips. If we do not have the information that we require at the moment, we are able to instantaneously access whatever we need. This has been an incredible development, and has allowed human progress to accelerate to an unbelievable rate.

Only a decade ago, smartphones were a rarity. Now, anyone profitable enough is expected to have one. All of this is a direct result of the acceleration of the spread of ideas. The faster humans are able to communicate, the faster that progression can take place. And as the internet evolves further, our technological evolution will begin to move even faster.

Colleges are places of learning, and create environments for students to make the very first discoveries that will drive them onward for the rest of their lives. It allows students to become encouraged by the fact that they are able to actually make a difference in whatever community they choose to be a part of. Without access to the internet, ideas become much harder to share. For example, back before one could send a message to another person across the world in the blink of the eye, technological progress was slow. It took years for any new technology to become available to the public. This is how it was for the entirety of human history, until finally the human race developed one of the most important tools to their arsenal: The World Wide Web. Now, most, if not all, college campuses have WiFi on campus. This allows one to develop their ideas much faster than they would on their own. Learning has increased to an incredible rate, and papers can be shared within seconds, if not less. This is all well and good, but WiFi is not integral to the educational system. One can still become educated without the internet. However, it would be a loss to do so, as it is an amazing tool that should not be wasted. When one has a good tool for the job, it would be a shame to lose that opportunity.

The internet cannot only be used to look up general information, but can also be used to get into contact with others who are into the same sort of subjects as well. This allows new ideas to grow and spread, more so than the original subjects covered in college. Sparking ideas is crucial in keeping a mind active and healthy. New skills can be learnt constantly with a flow of fresh information, and while one is in college, learning new skills can allow one to freshen themselves up while working on keeping themselves afloat. The unkown is all around us. The problem is that most people choose to not acknowledge it. People are scared of what they don’t understand. The countless horror movies of aliens coming from the sky and monsters rising from the sea are proof enough of this. While there is nothing wrong with people having their own fears, these same fears are holding us back from exploration. When everything around you is unknown, a fear of it is not going to help in moving forward. The best way to combat the unknown is with learning. Learning, and education. Education may only come to those that are willing to learn, and only those that are willing to learn stay in college.

College roots out the best of us. Those that will go on to make a difference in society. And that is what I want to do. I want to make a difference in the world. To change it for the better, and hopefully not for the worst. But even if things go completely wrong, I will always be able to say that I at least tried, which is much more than many of us can say. Many of us who are unwilling to move. Sometimes, one needs to imagine the possibilities before they can set a path for themselves. But other times, one must explore before they can truly understand the potential that they have. When your options are unclear, and your path is unknown, you must walk forward blindly and hope for the best. Life is draped in a fog, hiding the future from us as well as its possibilities. The only time anyone can hope for a lighthouse is if they know where to look for it. At college, this is the optimum time to look for your lighthouse. Whether it be a chosen career path, a new relation, or a sudden change of heart, this is the best time of your life to set your destination. Look for your options, and walk forward with confidence. You will find a place for yourself.

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