How to Find and Fix Mixed Content Warnings on HTTPS Sites

by Miljan Buha
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Mixed content errors on any website can affect the site’s SEO configuration and scare away visitors. When people visit websites, they anticipate that their data is safe and secure without being exposed to cybercrime. For web designers and website owners, SSL plays an important part, and its primary concern is security. Lack of adequately configured SSL can lead to mixed content, and don’t forget that mixed content can put users in danger and ruin their Google rank. 

What is mixed content, and why is it important to solve the problem

An SSL mixed content happens if the website is loaded over the HTTPS connection, but the other assets on it are loaded over the HTTP or an insecure connection at the same time. As the name suggests, mixed content refers to both connections being used to load the same page.

When that happens, your visitors might get warned about the lack of security on your site, which is no good. People generally react in two ways, but none is acceptable to any responsible website owner. Some visitors ignore the warning, which might turn bad for them, while others prefer to leave the site right away. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the mixed content error and solve the problem before any significant loss of clients and customers. With that being said, it is clear that no owner is ready for risks, so the question is: what to do? Proper SSL configuration will ensure your site contains only safe and secure content, preventing the error from occurring. Keep going to find out how to reach the goal faster. 

How to quickly find and fix the mixed content 

WP Force SSL landing page

As much as mixed content error can be frustrating, people rarely get the appropriate tool that does what it says it will do, which is why we write this article. To quickly find and fix the mixed content error, one must have in mind some aspects to look at. The tradition is the first. Stick with the plugins that have a tradition and, secondarily, that are SEO friendly because you don’t want to lose any SEO goodies.

Simply saying, our WP Force SSL will take care of all the SSL work and instantly solve your problems. There is no longer a need to worry about SSL certificates, configuration, or expiration. Whatever happens – you will know on time.

But before anything, notice the Content Scanner button, which will take you to the end of what used to be a painful process.

Content ScannerIt will check everything you have on all the pages of your site. In just a few minutes, you will have all the mixed content errors listed (in case you have any), and it provides further assistance to solve the issues with just a few clicks. It is essential to mention that this powerful SSL plugin works perfectly with any other plugin, theme, or hosting provider, so you have no reason to worry about the potential downside. This plugin is made to do all that others only promise they would in a matter of minutes. 


When it comes to avoiding mixed content and keeping your website secure, the one slice of advice to all is to go with a reputable product such as WP Force SSL. The good tradition evolved tools and high efficiency characterize this plugin that can take care of security and remove mixed content errors. WP Force SSL is a reliable tool that will let you quickly find mixed content and solve the problem with one simple scan.

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