How Do I Transfer My Existing Domain to Godaddy?

by Antonia Zivcic
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Transferring an existing domain to GoDaddy can be a straightforward process when armed with the right knowledge and understanding. As one of the leading domain registrars and web hosting providers, GoDaddy offers a convenient platform for individuals and businesses looking to manage all their online assets in one place. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of transferring your existing domain to GoDaddy, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal downtime.

Preparing for the Transfer

1. Preparing for the Transfer

Before initiating the domain transfer process, it’s essential to ensure that you have everything in order. Here are the key preparatory steps:

1.1 Check Domain Eligibility: Not all domains are eligible for transfer. Ensure that your domain meets the transfer requirements by checking if it has been registered for at least 60 days and is unlocked for transfer.

1.2 Verify Domain Contact Information: Make sure that your domain’s contact information is accurate and up to date, as you may need to receive transfer-related emails and authorization codes.

1.3 Disable Domain Privacy: If you have domain privacy enabled, you will need to disable it before initiating the transfer. This is necessary to ensure a smooth transfer process.

2. Obtaining the Authorization Code

The next step is to obtain the Authorization Code (also known as the EPP code or transfer code) from your current domain registrar. The authorization code is a security measure that ensures you have the right to transfer the domain. Log in to your account with your current registrar, locate your domain settings, and request the authorization code if it is not readily available.

3. Initiate the Transfer Process on GoDaddy

Now that you have your authorization code, it’s time to begin the domain transfer process on GoDaddy:

3.1 Create a GoDaddy Account: If you don’t have an account with GoDaddy, sign up for one. It’s a simple and free process that only requires your email and a password.

3.2 Start the Transfer: Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the domain transfer page. Enter the domain name you wish to transfer and click on the “Add” button.

3.3 Enter the Authorization Code: You will be prompted to enter the authorization code you obtained from your current registrar. Paste the code into the provided field.

3.4 Confirm the Transfer: Review your domain transfer request and complete the purchase. Ensure that all the details are accurate before proceeding.

Verification and Approval

4. Verification and Approval

Once you have initiated the transfer, you may need to complete an email verification process to confirm your intent to transfer the domain. This verification is typically sent to the email address associated with the domain’s administrative contact. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm the transfer.

Additionally, your current domain registrar may send you an email to approve or deny the transfer. If you are confident that you have followed all the necessary steps, approve the transfer to proceed.

5. Wait for the Transfer to Complete

Domain transfers can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to complete, depending on various factors like your previous registrar’s policies and the domain’s extension. During this time, it’s essential to maintain your website’s functionality and avoid making any major changes to your domain settings or hosting.

6. Confirm the Successful Transfer

Once the transfer process is complete, GoDaddy will notify you via email. Log in to your GoDaddy account and verify that the transferred domain is now listed in your domain management console. Additionally, check that all the domain settings and configurations are correct.

7. Consider Additional Services

With your domain successfully transferred to GoDaddy, consider exploring the range of additional services they offer. GoDaddy provides web hosting solutions, website builders, professional email services, and more. Review their offerings and choose the services that align best with your online needs.


Transferring your existing domain to GoDaddy is a simple and systematic process when you follow the steps outlined above. By ensuring domain eligibility, obtaining the authorization code, and accurately following the transfer process, you can smoothly transition your domain to GoDaddy’s secure and feature-rich platform. Once the transfer is complete, take advantage of GoDaddy’s diverse suite of services to enhance your online presence and propel your website to new heights. Remember to maintain regular domain management practices and renew your domain registration to maintain control and ownership of your online identity.

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