GoMovies.sc Review – Top 7 GoMovies Alternatives

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Most of the internet is being used for streaming videos. There are a lot of users who prefer to watch content rather than read it, and they are most interested in watching videos on-demand. The internet is an easy way of providing HD quality content.

You can find a wide range of mostly streamed websites but GoMovies.sc, previously known as 123Movies, is now number one. Because of this very reason, there are a lot of users who have tried various ways to make sure that this website is safe from any virus.

It is easy to understand why GoMovies is so famous, it offers free watchable content, and millions of users visit this website every day, even though it’s home page keeps changing. On the other hand, a lot of different video content websites provide free content, but GoMovies is the absolute best in that case.

All types of genres are available on GoMovies such as comedy, action, horror, or Sci-Fi movies. Along with movies, TV series are also very easy to stream on this site. A huge variety of content is shared to the public, all for free.

Is it Safe?

A lot of free content providing sites are not considered to be safe, because they contain virus causing ad and links. Different types of fake downloading managers open up, which can cause problems with your computer or phone. That is why it is best to always contain a reliable anti-virus system or ad-blocker in your phone or computer to prevent viruses from entering.

There often comes a time when exposing ads on websites is the major way of making money. This is the main reason why websites that offer free content provide HD resolution. Other than having an ad block or an anti-virus, it is also important to stream it with a VPN, so that you won’t get traced.

GoMovies is a very easy website to work with. You can conveniently find your choice. You don’t even have to sign up; you can use the website without making an account.

Is it Legal?

With the website constantly changing its name and home page, it is easy to guess that the website is not legal. It doesn’t count as illegal if you are uploading your content on the website. GoMovies has to upload the newest released movies on its website, but its quality is low, which indicates that the website is not legally operating.

If the procedure for making the legal site begins, the content makers can lose a lot of their money, which is not ideal for them. Some underdeveloped countries might not find poor quality streaming sites illegal, but in developed countries, all of that is illegal. However, you can choose to use the website with a VPN.

GoMovies.sc Features

GoMovies.sc contains the following features:

  • Every movie, TV show, or genre is rated IMDB, which makes it easy for you to find content to watch.
  • The website is updated regularly, and new content gets uploaded regularly.
  • GoMovies has a very attractive user interface, which makes it easy to get along with.
  • It is not necessary for you to make an account to watch content.
  • The benefit from making an account on GoMovies is that you will get to provide suggestions to upload the content that is not available on the site.
  • You can access GoMovies anywhere you want and get entertained with the best video watching experience.


One important thing to keep in mind before accessing GoMovies.sc is to use it through a VPN. Having ad-blocker can also do the trick. A lot of people are more interested in accessing free content rather than paying for it, and GoMovies is completely free.

On the other hand, GoMovies still changes its domain and home page, which indicates it is not legal. But if you use a VPN, you are safe.

GoMovies Alternatives

It is very convenient to watch free content through GoMovies. Every genre has a wide collection of content on GoMovies. Acknowledging the fact that GoMovies is not the only website that offers free content, there are a lot of other websites that the same amount of content as GoMovies.

Following are some GoMovies alternative sites that are equally awesome.

Pro tip: The below-mentioned sites are safe, but it is still recommended to use a VPN.

1. YesMovies


YesMovies is actually like GoMovies; it provides free and awesome content. You can be able to sort the provided content by quality, country, and date of release, quality, and genre.

YesMovies pretty much has a master’s degree in providing a wide collection of content.

2. Movie4K


Movie4K is very easy to use and is ranked in one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.sc. You can watch free content from this website. You can stream through a large amount of content coming from this website.

You can sort out your data, or you get let Movie4K set you up with a movie. When you find the movie to watch, click the play button and watch away.

3. FMovies


FMovies never runs out of providing watchable content. This website is very similar to GoMovies.sc. This website is supported by other links as well, so if one link is down, the other can be used.

FMovies has a very attractive and easy looking homepage that comes with suggestions, the latest content, and requested content. You can also be able to watch the content that is trending.

4. 123Movies


123Movies has been providing its users with new content every day and has been serving the public for a long time. However, a new version of this site has been designed, and it is stunning. This website is just like GoMovies.sc; provides free content and is easy to use.

Other than TV shows or movies, a tremendous amount of Asian and anime dramas are offered by this site.

5. Putlocker


There is no arguing with the fact that putlocker has been available for a long time and provides content similar to GoMovies. For providing high-quality content, this website is loved by many of its users.

With that being said, a lot of hackers have tried to copy this site and create it from a different domain, but those illegal websites contain malicious ads that can cause problems. So, be sure to access these websites with a VPN.

6. AZMovies


The name says it all, A to Z content is available. AZMovies provides free content, and every movie is hosted on two servers to make sure that it is available to everyone.

You can access the website with your country language as well.

7. YifyMovies


YifyMovies provides content from every genre, and the collection is huge. It will take at least years for one to cover all that content up.

It is very easy for you to find HD quality content on this website, and you can decide which genre you want to watch. Not only is the website easy to work with, but it also offers a huge variety of options. One can watch whatever he/she wants conveniently.

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