What Is Chegg Login And How To Create It

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Chegg is an education technology company which was launched in 2005. It is an American firm based in Santa Clara, California. The company offers digital textbook rentals and online tutoring to students.

How Does Chegg Work?

Chegg is an online tutoring and platform, or you can better tell online students educational support platform. So how does Chegg work precisely, and how to create a profile on it. We will discuss it all in detail.

Suppose you are a student who has got experience in tutoring. Or if you are a teacher and have expertise in one or more than one subject. You can sign up to Chegg and create your profile to solve or upload answers to questions there.

It is for students from all over the world seeking help related to their assignments and other educational matters. They upload the questions, and you have to answer those questions. For each problem you solved correctly, Chegg pays you an amount for that. It is how Chegg works.

Without further delay, let’s get into step one.

How to Register and Create Id

Open your Google account and search for “Chegg Expert Registration.” It will lead you to many links, and you need to open “Subject Matter Expert Registration.” Once you open the link, you will see the signup page.

Sign up, thereby filling in all the details (sign up is not critical and is just like any regular email account). After filling in details, it will ask you the option of acknowledgment. Click on that and submit it. Once registration is completed, it will open a new window in front of you.

Select Subject

What you need to do there is, select your subjects, fill in the details about your name and password, etc. There is a vast number of subjects you can choose to select. Pick one subject and finish sign up after completing all the details.

Once you are done with the process of registration part, you will come across a new window, where you will have to update your email and password. It will further lead you to another window which we call “dashboard. Here the first option you see will be that particular subject test of what subject you selected.

Let’s suppose you have selected chemistry. In step one, you will have to take a chemistry test. In that test, you need to score 60 percent marks to be eligible for signup. It means you will get ten questions to solve, out of which you need to solve 6 of them correctly.

If you did not clear this test, you get another chance to retake the test. If you fail for the second time, you will be required to wait for a month and to retake the test. Once you have cleared the examination, the download’s second option will be there on the screen.

Download Guide Lines PDF

Click on download. Once done, it will show you the guidelines about Chegg to Answer the questions there. What are the things Chegg doesn’t accept, and what are the things to avoid to prevent your account from the ban.

Once done, it will give you the login option. Login there, and then you will see the “trial period” option on the screen. Click on that. During the trial period, all your answers are going to be monitored. If you failed to answer the questions correctly, you will get paid for those.

The guidelines you have downloaded already have a thorough read on them. It will help you how to take the final test and how to pass that. The final examination consists of 20 questions, out of which you need to make sure a minimum of 16 questions is correct.

Back to the previous window, take the test by clicking “attempt now.” The test doesn’t take long as they are not detailed questions; you just have to solve MCQs.

Verify Degree

Now comes step four, which is degree verification. First, it will ask you to fill in your physical address, city, state, and pin code. Then you will be required to upload the scanned snap of your last degree. If you are studying, then you will have to submit your previous year’s marks sheet.

Bank Details

Once completed with the educational details and documents, you will be lead back to the previous window for step five. Step five is the most sensitive part as here you need to put in details related to your online banking. Ensure to fill it without any errors to avoid any mishap.

Click on the PAN option there; once done, it will take you to the next window, where you will have to input your PAN card number. After this, the second one is the bank; click on that. It will ask you for your bank account number and bank IFSC.

You can only put the details about the person who has signed up and can’t use the parents’ or sibling’s bank details.

Proof Of Address

Now comes the sixth and final step, which is proof of address. Once you click on this, you will see various options in front of you, such as driving license, voter id, or Adhaar card, etc. A driving license is the easiest in all these, but you can go with any of these options which one is feasible for you.

Put in all the details, and submit it. Now that all the requirements to create an account have been completed, there will be the last thing you need to do. It will ask you to send OTP and verify. Fill in all the details, and for OTP, here you need to put the password which you were provided from Chegg via email.

After all these steps, it will take around five to seven days to get back to you once your account gets verified. To login to Chegg, follow these steps.

Go on to google and search for “Chegg Expert Login.” Once your id is approved, you will be able to login with that. Here you will have to login using the password Chegg has sent to you. After login, you will see three things on the screen that is, “Start Answering,” “My Answers,” and “FAQ.”

If you click on start answering, you will get a list of questions to answer. Select the questions you want to answer here and submit your answers. Here you get ten minutes to read the question thoroughly.

You can easily read it and answer it if you know the solution. If you do not see the solution, that is no big deal; you can skip to the next question. When you start to answer a question, you get 120 minutes to solve that.

During that time you can take as many questions as you want. On the main dashboard, you can track your performance. It will show you your CF score, skipped to queries, and answered questions.


On Chegg, you get paid for each question you solved correctly. There is no limit of any minimum to maximum. You can take as many questions as you want. Chegg is an excellent platform for students or teachers to make extra or side money.

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