Rise of Traffic Safety in Benin

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Road traffic safety has gained a rather bright spotlight in the last few years as more and more countries in the MENA region are proactively taking steps to combat the rising numbers of fatal road accidents and injuries. Some of the various steps include the mandatory annual car inspection on the car owner, in which the car goes through extensive tests to ensure it meets all the distinct safety checks.

Moreover, strict laws regarding speed limits, car tailing, seat belts, and baby car seats have been put in motion with hefty fines and confiscation of the car and license of the driver as a punishment for not obeying the law.

These safety precautions have become a focus of numerous countries as WHO released a statement stating a rise in traffic fetal incidents and how, on average, around 3% of a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) goes into road traffic costs. Furthermore, Quartz Africa reported traffic accidents to be the biggest cause of death in the Africa region, beating out South-East Asia, America, and Europe. According to WHO published in 2018 – Road Traffic Accidents is the seventh cause of death in Benin. Influenza and Pneumonia, Coronary Heart Diseases and Stoke take up the top three slots.

While some causes of these car crashes have been due to inattentive driving and careless overtaking, a fair amount has been due to defective breaks and faulty tyers. In 2017, it was reported that on average one person dies every three hours due to a traffic-related incident in Benin, rounding it up to nine people in just twenty-four hours.

Benin’s Action Plan

Keeping the above statistic in mind, the Benin government has taken a proactive approach making it compulsory for all new vehicles to pass intensive safety checks – both physical and internal, before being granted Road Worthiness Certificate. This, along with the Road Safety Verification are requisite requirements to get the Proof of Ownership Certificate, which is essential to all car owners in Benin.

For these reasons, people have opted to go for safer affordable cars. Cars that they trust will pass the extensive tests on the first try, so they do not have to needlessly waste time and worry about the inspections. While safety is a big concern for them, the cost of the car also plays a big hand in the decision for the purchase.

Honda Safety Features

Japanese cars have always been ahead of the competition when it comes to safety features in their cars. They work restlessly to make certain their cars have top-notch safety features while still maintaining their affordability along with sleek designs and modern interiors. Automobile giants such as Honda Motor ensure that all of their various cars such as the Honda Civic and Honda Insight not only meet the average safety requirements but surpass them by a mile.

Honda Civic specifically has a crash stoke design that increases the level of protection offered while still preserving the integrity of the design. It also has a blind spot camera, adaptive cruise control that not only maintains the previously set speed but changes it by increases or decreasing speed depending on the cars around. The Civic also has an in-built collision mitigating braking system that examines the road ahead for any dangers and alerts the driver.

Honda Insight, on the other hand, has an impressive side curtain airbag with rollover sensors to keep its passengers safe. It also comes with lower anchors and tethers for children and a front 3-Point seat belts with an automatic tensioning system for extra protection during a collision. The Insight also has a security system that can discern any unexpected interference and ignition disable device that only allows the original manufactured key to be used in the car.

If you’re a new car owner, make sure to check out Honda Motors Benin for more information about the various types of cars and different safety features to ensure you have a smooth and fast transaction.

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