6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Mac Laptop Could Do

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Whether you are new to Mac or an avid user for years, there are plenty of things to uncover which you might be unaware of. Mac comes loaded with incredible features that can enhance your working experience and help you stay ahead of others. However, it’s never too late to explore your Mac. Whether you are running an outdated operating system or an updated one, you can still make the most of your PC and boost your productivity.

Here are six incredible things you probably had no idea your Mac laptop could do! You can also check out whether can you set an alarm on a Mac if you are a newbie.

What Cool Things Can Your Mac Do?

1. Control Your Kid’s Activities

Lending your Mac PC to your kids doesn’t necessarily mean providing them with unlimited access. If your kid has a personal account on Mac, you can customize the account settings from Parental Controls. Log in as an administrator and click on System Preferences. From Parental Controls, you can limit their access to certain apps or websites they aren’t supposed to use or visit. You may even set up a bedtime alert on the PC, which will compel them to log off by a certain time.

2. Read Documents to You

If you don’t like scrolling through piles of documents online, you may benefit from this feature. OS X comes loaded with a host of accessibility features among which, one is the ability to read aloud. Highlight the particular portion of text you would like to be read aloud, and then select Edit from the topmost corner. Start Speaking, and your Mac is good to go! You can even customize the voice of your narrator from System Preferences. To do that, select Dictation & Speech and enhance your experience with Mac.

3. Perform Super Fast Calculations

Launching the calculator directly from your Mac dashboard to execute some quick calculations is nothing new. How about solving complex mathematical calculations in under a minute? Sounds exciting? Type complex mathematical problems into the Spotlight function on your Mac and get quick results instantly. You will find the answer to your problem appearing right below the search function.

4. Restrict Ad Tracking

Like many other systems, Macbook keeps tracking your interests to present you with the targeted advertisements. If this seems disturbing, you can turn off this feature by enabling the Limit Ad Tracking option. However, you may still be shown advertisements that won’t be relevant to your preferences, but if you want Apple not to track your behavior, customize your settings. Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences followed by Security & Privacy. Select Privacy and tick the box next to Limit Ad Tracking. You won’t be getting random ads anymore and work with peace of mind.

5. Go into Stealth Mode During Meetings

Desktop notifications in OS X can help get quick information, but what if they keep popping up in the middle of a presentation? You would probably want them to disappear fast. Similar to an iPhone, OS X has a Do Not Disturb function. Click on System Preferences and select Notifications. Customize your settings, and you won’t be getting random alerts during meetings. You can also avoid accidental mishaps by allowing your PC to go into stealth mode when displaying content to a projector.

6. Retrieve Lost Files in a Jiffy

Having a hard time locating a file that you were working on a few weeks before? According to an article published in The New York Times, the best place to search for your lost file is Mac’s Recent Items. It keeps a record of files, apps, and servers you have used during the past sessions while working on Mac. To reopen the file, locate Apple Menu in the top-left corner, click on Recent Items and browse the list of files. Once you get what you have been looking for, select and open the file.

Mac is more powerful than you can even think of, and making the most of these features can enrich your experience altogether. Besides uncovering what all your Mac laptop could do, you can also explore other features of the Mac during your leisure and enjoy using your super gadget to the fullest.

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