20 Best Alternative Websites Like Anime44 in 2021?

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Anime refers to animation. It is not the abbreviation of the word animations as many beliefs; instead, it’s how animated cartoon is said in Japanese. So to a Japanese viewer, any form of a cartoon is anime. However, for the rest of the world anime term means animation made in Japan or has their signature style.

So it is a hand-drawn and computer animation with the signature Japanese style. The animation industry in japan started in the early 1900s and since then has grown readily in japan, now consisting of 430 production companies. Now the anime industry boasts a variety of series ranging from drama to action attracting a large audience.

The anime industry has grown further since the advent of CDs, as it made accessibility to anime easy. It has been recorded that the anime industry in 2018 was estimated to be over $300 billion in global revenue.

This shows that the anime industry has gained popularity over the years and has generated quite an impressive fan following. And where there are fans of an art form, there is a source to watch and enjoy the artform. So comes in anim44.com.

What is Anime44.com?

Anime is an art form that is not appreciated only in Japan but worldwide. If a person is a true fan of the anime series, they would be aware of anime44.com.

Anime44.com is a site that became popular as it was equipped with a huge collection of anime series. Also, the site provided a neat interface, making searching for details easy and user-friendly.

The search engine provided was powerful and helped in locating the required content within seconds. Also, the site featured dubbed movies and series that allowed you to watch and enjoy anime in Japanese or English.

However, the site did not allow a download option, which might be problematic for fans. But still, the site was a great hub for those who love and enjoy anime movies and series.

What happened to Anime44.com?

As it is well known that all websites that are showing anime series are illegal. It is not allowed by the authorities to show the content on those websites. So as anime44.com was operating illegally, it was shut down by the authorities and ISP providers.

As the website was shut down, many of its users are now facing issues as they cant watch their favorite anime series or movies online. However, anime44.com is now operating under a different domain known as Animenova.org. Thus the users of anime44.com have shifted to animenova.org.

Anime44 Alternatives

We have discovered that all websites that are showing anime content are operating illegally. So in various countries, these are blocked due to copyright reasons. Does Soan issue arise as to what to do when the sites are shut down or blocked? What to do? And how to continue watching your favorite anime series or movies?

So here, we will see the alternatives that can help you watch your episodes even when anime44.com is down. There are several websites available that are providing similar services like anime44.com. So we have listed the 20 best websites that can be used as anime44.com alternative.

20 Best Anim44 Alternatives

Here are the 20 best anime44.com alternatives that can be accessed by anime lovers for free anime series or movies. Here a brief description is provided about each website. You can select whichever site works best for you and enjoy your favorite anime.

  1. Animeplus.tv

This is one of the best alternatives to anime44.com. This is because it has almost all the features like anime44.com. This site is also equipped with a large variety of anime that comes in different genres. The series, dramas, or movies can be easily streamed or downloaded.

The site has a simple interface and amazing features that make it very user friendly. The series has high quality, and its rating shows that it’s a safe site to use. The website looks legit, but we can not confirm if it’s a scam or not. However, it is deemed one of the most popular by Alexa and has a great online trust rating too.

  1. Chia-anime.com

Chia-anime is another excellent alternative to anime44.com. Like anime44, the website is filled with a lot of anime movies, videos, and series, classics to the latest, that can be streamed online for free.

The anime collections consist of multiple genres like ninja, horror, aliens, fantasy, etc. all of which are updated regularly. The attractive feature about the site is that all the anime series on the site are subbed and dubbed in English for ease for foreign viewers.

It is also one of the pioneer websites in the Japanese anime industry as it offers all hit programs around the globe. This makes it very attractive worldwide. However, it does come with a drawback, too, as it is cluttered with ads that might make streaming a bit frustrating.

One more attractive feature of the site is HD content, request option, and a simple interface that makes the website an excellent alternative to anime44.

  1. AnimeTV.ge

This website is a good alternative for anime lovers, too, as it comes with a huge free database of anime shows, movies, and videos. The series provided on the website is English dubbed.

The site becomes user-friendly with its simple interface; however, the sidebars of the homepage are covered with ads and also has popup ads while streaming that can be slightly frustrating for some. The site has signup with Facebook or Twitter as well and has 7million viewers a month.

  1. AnimeHeros.com

This is one of the newer websites that has started streaming free anime videos. The site has many popular and latest anime series, thus attracting users. The site has a simple interface and no ads on the homepage. However, it does have popup ads while streaming

The site allows the user to discover what is the most-watched series on their website. The site has a huge variety of anime series, and this is a good alternative. The website has amassed 150K users a month.

  1. AnimeFrenzy.net

This is also a great alternative to anime44, as it is quite similar to it. The website is updated regularly and has a large database. The attractive part of the website is that it comes with American cartoons as well.

The content on the site is free and well organized, making it very attractive. Its homepage also has a random tab that offers its users random suggestions on what to watch next. The website also offers an android app that helps its users have their favorite anime at hand reach—thus making it one the hit among anime lovers.

It is also free from unnecessary content and allows its user to communicate with each other while watching their favorite shows. The chat window is open on the right side of the video.

  1. 9Anime.to

This is a website that has been there for quite some time and is a great option for anime lovers. The site has HD options as well as series in English. The site has a massive catalog of anime in different genres. Thus it is very attractive for the users.

Also, the subbed and dubbed series make it accessible to a larger audience. The site is also ad-free making it very user-friendly. The site is regularly updated and also contains a schedule of new and updated releases.

  1. Crunchyroll.com

This is the best alternative of anime44 and is also amongst the biggest and most popular websites that were launched in 2006. The website provides a large database and English dubbed content for non-native speakers. The videos provided on the site are of 720p, thus providing its viewers with a fantastic viewing experience.

The site is a great alternative; however, it is not completely free. The site has millions of users, and mostly all of them are paying viewers. The site has almost 26000 anime movies, with almost 15000 of them being licensed content. This site requires registration with an active email account.

  1. Anime Planet.com

This is one of the legal anime streaming platforms that have up to 40000 anime videos. This site was launched in 2001 as the first manga and anime recommended databases and has gathered a good reputation. It is the most trusted database that allows its users to get ideas on what to watch next.

The site provides classic and latest anime series, and the users can enjoy manga characters as well. This website has a huge community of anime lovers, and on this site, you can communicate with them and share your experiences.

This site needs registration with the help of email and also provides premium content at very low prices. There are many prominent features of this website that make it a much better alternative than many other websites.

  1. Animefreak.tv

This is one of the great alternatives to anime44.com as it is dedicated to offering anime content. The website is designed to portray the Japanese style, having colorful illustrations, and thus is very attractive for its users. Apart from this, the site provides exclusive anime content that is not available on other websites.

The site can be accessed without any registrations. The site also provides a review of the shows, including their rating and episode list. The website is regularly updated and has both original series as well as dubbed content.

The website speed is reasonable and has a database including 11000 anime series. The website is very popular and has 12 million traffic every month, thus acts as a great alternative.

  1. KissAnime.com

KissAnime.com is also a very popular alternative anime streaming site that is also known as the king of anime websites. This site owns millions of viewers as it is equipped with a large collection of anime movies, series, and dramas. Thus the viewers enjoy unlimited streaming through this platform.

This site has a larger collection compared to many other sites. The site consists of multiple genres, like comedy, romance, ninja, etc. The interesting part is that the site uploads every quality of the series possible, ranging from 240p to 1080p.

The site offers a friendly user experience and an attractive interface attracting a large number of audiences. The site also has options like explore genres and advanced search options. The reason the site is more attractive is that it can be accessed anywhere, has regular updates, and has no ads making it highly attractive for the audience.

  1. AnimeSeason.com

This is another alternative that the users can enjoy as it also has similar features to anime44. The site is extremely easy to use with an easy interface and high-quality content. The website has no fuss or lags that might annoy the users.

The data provided on the website is very fast and very simple to use. It has a sorted interface and has the feature of enjoying your favorite anime without any interruptions as it has no unwanted advertisements. Due to its ease, it has gathered millions of viewers as one of the good sites to opt for as an alternative to anime44.

  1. AnimeHeaven.es

This also a great alternative to anime44.com as it allows unlimited free streaming as well as allows you unlimited free downloads of your favorite anime shows. It has up to 3500 titles and is regularly updated with new titles as well. The anime series on this site comes with descriptions and information about the characters and the basic storyline.

Like other sites it’s also equipped with various genres of anime like romance, superpower, adventure, etc. however, it does have popup ads that can be frustrating for some users. But the search options allow you to get your desired anime easily, and it also has many features that make an excellent alternative website.

  1. Gogoanime.com

This is one of the worlds leading anime streaming platforms as it is equipped with a huge database. This website is easy to use, and the most advantages part is that it enables you to stream without frustrating ads. thus the website has millions of viewers from around the world. The users can have fun with the availability of various categories of anime with one of the fastest streaming.

The website is regularly updated, and it provides its users with various options. The search bar is also helpful in finding your desired anime in seconds. This website requires signup, after which you can share your favorite anime series on social media platforms.

  1. Anilinkz.com

This is an online streaming website that provides you with a huge library of anime series that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. This is also one of the leading online platforms that were created for anime lovers. It comes with a simple interface and does not require any registrations.

The website provides a huge variety of anime that can be streamed for free or can be downloaded. The advanced search option allows you to discover your favorite anime in seconds. The site’s most content is English dubbed, so foreigners can enjoy it. Also, the site has regular updates and has the latest animes that can be enjoyed by anime lovers.

  1. Animeultima.tv

This is also one of the fine websites that can be considered a great alternative as it is a good option for accessing free online streaming of anime. The platform is quite easy and simple to use and engages many audiences due to its ease of access. The site also provides a large variety of anime and allows you to download as well.

This site is also equipped with an advanced search option that makes finding your favorite anime easy. Including this, the series has short descriptions of the story and the characters that helps some users a lot. The site also has forums and polls that speak about the upcoming series and events.

Most of the series on the website is English dubbed and subbed, making it accessible to a larger audience. This site requires you to make a free account to enjoy your desired anime. This website has up to 3 million monthly traffic and is very popular in Brazil, the UK, and the US.

  1. WatchAnimeDub.tv

This is also called as watchcartoononline.io. This is also considered one of the best alternatives to anime44. This website also has an abundance of anime movies to watch from with many categories available, ranging from cartoons to subbed and dubbed anime.

The interface provides quite an easy experience for the users. However, there are some ads and popup ads while streaming the shows that might prove to be frustrating. This site has 40 million users per month.

  1. Anime Karma.com

Anime Karme.com is an amazing alternative to anime44. The site has a vast index of anime recordings that comes in a variety of genres. The users can easily watch an assortment of anime shows online in HD quality. On the home page, you can sort the categories by year delivered, class, and quality.

This webpage, not at all like the different sites referenced above, uses just a single server. However, there are additionally popup advertisements on the home page too, which can be frustrating for the users. Even with some drawbacks, it is still one of the best alternatives for anime44.

  1. MasterAni.me

This one of another anime streaming sites that helps their users enjoy free English dubbed anime content. The website is equipped with 2500 of the latest anime complete series that can be viewed in HD. However, viewing the site requires the latest version of Flashplayer.

It is equipped with a modern and user-friendly interface that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and it comes with an ad-free homepage. The users can also check the rating and view comments about the series. The most interesting thing is that it provides details about all the upcoming series.

  1. Anime Rush.tv

Anime Rush is considered as a newcomer among anime44 choices. The site offers slack less real-time with excellent video and sound quality videos. However, it has just a single downside that on each click, there seems an advertisement on an alternate tab, which can prove frustrating. It has over 40 thousand anime videos in its library that are regularly updated.

The plus point of the site you can download recordings on any of your gadgets. You can even download on portable also, which makes it simple to carry your preferred anime recordings with you to want anyplace—thus making it another great alternative.

  1. 20 OtakuStream.tv

OtakuStream.tv is likewise one of the top free anime destinations that you can choose from. It is likewise perhaps the best option for anime44. It offers you a gigantic library of your preferred anime content.

It is extraordinary compared to other free anime websites. There are continuous updates on its homepage with the most recent named and subbed anime series, movies, and dramas. It is a network-based anime streaming site.

The users can easily comment there and demand any anime stuff which isn’t transferred there yet. It has an interesting element, called light/dull methods. You can choose between the splendor whether you need low brilliance or high. Over 15 million guests month to month visit this site.


Anime44.com is one of the finest anime streaming websites that offered a massive collection of anime series, movies, and dramas. They were updated regularly, and the series was provided in high quality. But unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, the site is unavailable.

So we have arranged for you the top 20 websites that can be used as a great alternative to anime44.com. All the websites have their benefits, but still, they are great alternatives to watch your favorite anime. So check them and find the one that best suits you.

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