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With the introduction of anime in the world of cartoons, people’s choice has changed with a huge margin. Usually, we say that Japanese cartoons are the anime that has all of those feelings which is usually lacking in normal cartoons, but it is not true.

Anime is a class of cartoon and graphics which is not like the usual cartoons but very different and unique. Now the media has always sensed this trend and launched specific channels where only anime is played.

This brings us to kissAnime which has gained a lot of popularity in the near past, but there are many doubts such as legality and safe play which is causing quite a stir in the crowd.

So today we bring you all the details about this kissAnime and guide you properly about it.

What is KissAnime?

It is a popular website where anime is played. You will find thousands of different anime shows with different genres and themes. With the availability of excellent video quality form, 240 p to 1080 p and you will also find HD and HHD qualities as well.

The categories range from love to horror; from suspense to action. In short, you will find that a lot more than mention here is on the website, and just a few clicks away. To add more, the website also has a version for mobile phones where you can download it and enjoy it whenever you want. The website is also available for Windows which only shows how very popular it is.

All you have to do it to log in and enjoy the episodes of thousands of anime shows.

KissAnime and Legality:

This is perhaps the most worrying question rotating around us. Since it is one of the most famous platforms of anime shows, the legality question arises now and then. Especially when strict actions are taken by the proper authorities against those who are involved in such crimes of illegal websites and watching.

So is it legal, then the answer is no. It is not a legal website, but since you are only watching the episodes and not causing any harm to the content, then it is alright. The tension began when it is downloaded without the permission of the website and posted further without the consent of the original owners.

But since you are not causing any harmful action, just watching you are not creating any illegal activity, so I say you can enjoy as much as possible since it is free and offering you great anime shows.

KissAnime and Safe Website:

Another rumor which needs to be addressed is that kissAnime is not a safe website. Also, other rumors say that a virus has been uploaded on this website which causes a problem in the heart of the computer and deletes several important files causing malfunction of the computer.

This is not true. The official site of kissAnime is clean and does not contain any dangerous virus, but of course, the affiliated websites are something which can cause any kind of harm. There can be spammers and hacker which may cause you or your computer some damage. So stay safe of them and use precautionary measures like preloaded anti-virus.

How to Use KissAnime:

This may seem like a little too childish but trust me not many people are aware of the fact how to use this wonderful website. The way is very simple. Since kissAnime is offering the best kind of anime shows to those who are anime lovers then you will have to follow the below-mentioned point to get access to your favorite show without any trouble.

Click on the title which will take you to the page where all episodes are mention.

Click on the episode you want to watch.

While the video is streaming, you would want to scroll down and click on the option of the Mobile/Download button.

Click that and an option of saving link as will appear. Also differed pixel options will also appear.

You select the pixel dimension and choose where you want the file to be saved.

Then click save, and the file will start downloading.

In case you have a download manager then you will have to copy the link and paste in the download manager and press the downloading. As the file will safe, you can easily enjoy it in free time.

Sign Up Compulsory For KissAnime?

The simplest answer is no. You don’t need to sign up to watch anime. But if you do the sign-up process, it will help you to maintain your favorite shows and videos more easily. To download the episode, you don’t need to sign up and create an account. The only benefit you will get if you sign up is that you will get notified when your favorite show post a new video or your liked video gets any promotion or any other such thing.

You will find a lot more options in terms of the categories then mention here. The list is almost endless with genres like romance, friendship, action, sports, horror, Sci-Fi, drama, and many others are included.

Tip of Precaution:

When you are using anime, you need to stay alert of some precautionary measures. Due to its extreme popularity, a lot of other websites have mirrored kissAnime, and they look the same. You need to stay away from them as those websites have a lot of hackers on them and a lot more spams. Other than this, you can enjoy your anime without any other worry. KissAnime is by far the best website to enjoy anime shows.

KissAnime Alternatives

There are various reasons why KissAnime is the best Anime content providing a website. What’s more? It is free! KissAnime is the perfect place for those who love Anime. A wide collection of anime movies and TV series is offered by KissAnime.

On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to access the website, but the servers claim the website to get better with time. Until then, there are a lot of other alternative sites for KissAnime.

The following are some of the top 10 best KissAnime alternative sites for watching anime for free.

1. GoGoAnime


In this list of KissAnime alternatives, skipping GoGoAnime would be a crime! GoGoAnime offers users with a wide range of anime content – rare, popular, and the latest. Each of the anime content is displayed alphabetically so that the users can find what they are looking for.

There are different tabs on the homepage that demand your pick. Every series of movies you watch on the site is seen on many different servers, so if one server doesn’t work, you can move on to another. The main reason why GoGoAnime is a considerable alternative for KissAnime is that it is quite versatile.

Pro Tip: Open the website with “OpenLoad.” The speed of your server will increase while you’re accessing the website.

2. Kuroani

Kuro Ani

Although Kuroani is much recognized, it is still a good alternative for watching anime for free. There are no graphics or additional attractive features on this website; it is very simple and straight forward. It is still in the game for providing the content. This site is run by a non-profit server, which means that you won’t have to pay a single penny – it’s completely free.

3. Crunchyroll

One of the best anime content providing websites is Crunchyroll. The main reason why this website is so popular is that it provides content dubbed in various languages.

Other than that, the quality of the videos is in 720p, which is perfect. If you want to access the site and watch anime content, it is essential to make an account first. It offers the users with a large quantity of anime content, plus in different languages.

4. AnimeLab

AnimeLab can be accessed on your phones as well. It is one of the top Anime websites that have a versatile availability range. One can not only access the website from different devices, but also different browsers. All types of anime content can be accessed on this site without any ad-interruption. Just like KissAnime, AnimeLab is also for free, but when you register an account, the variety of content will be increased for you.

5. 9Anime


9Anime offers you content in English and HD quality. The amount of anime data shared with the users from this site is enormous. Not every website provide dubbed and subbed content, but 9Anime does! By clicking on the “trending tab,” a huge list of anime content from A-Z will be displayed.

Even if you want to search for old anime content, you can use the quick filter to find your show. This website keeps track of the latest anime and uploads them to the website as quickly as they can in HD quality.

6. AnimeHeaven

When comparing with KissAnime, AnimeHeaven is not new in this game. This website has been providing anime content for a decade, and its content improves and increases every year. The Homepage of the site is simple, yet attractive and displays all of the latest anime releases.

Although, with the filter buttons, you can sort your content with whatever alphabet, genre, or year of release you want. Just like its name, it is a heaven for the anime addicts. The only drawback to this website is that a lot of ads pop up while video streaming. Other than that, it is a great website for watching anime for free.

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak TV

From the latest to the oldest anime shows, AnimeFreak is the best for providing all kinds of anime content. It doesn’t matter whether you register online or not; you will still get the best of anime on AnimeFreak. It contains complete seasons, movies, and other anime content.

Whenever you are going to watch an anime movie or series, the ratings and reviews will be displayed to you. With that, you can judge whether the content is worthy of watching or not.

8. AnimeFrenzy


AnimeFrenzy is just like KissAnime; it provides the best anime content for free. This site gets updated with the latest content released every day.

The website is very organized, and it is easy to find your desired content. With the “Randon” tab, a page with randomly arrange anime content will appear. AnimeFrenzy also contains an android app. You can prefer to download the app and watch your favorite anime content on your portable devices.

9. AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is kind of like AnimeLab and AnimeFreak; it is also a great website for the anime addicts. Since 2001, this website has been in the running for providing some of the best anime movies, TV series, and other related content for free. This website is not like other anime websites; it is a website where you can watch content and meet people. By making an account, you can get the best of anime on AnimePlanet. With that, you can follow those users who share the same interests as you.

10. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is just like KissAnime. It offers not just free content, but also a wide variety of it. Every anime series can be watched on Chia Anime, and they are subbed and dubbed in English. This website is loaded with foreign users who cannot speak or understand Japanese.

Chia-Anime is best for users of all ages. Just a heads up, the website contains a lot of ads, and they pop up, especially while streaming videos. Other than that, it is a worthy visit. You can also watch your favorite anime content on other portable devices as well.


Each of the websites mentioned above offers content for free, but some of them do require registration – which is no big deal. Whenever KissAnime does not work, you can opt to visit the sites mentioned above and load yourself with free and versatile anime content.

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