Ultipro Login Help – Cloud Based Software Program (Mobile and PC)

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Are you having trouble logging in to your Ultipro account? Or are you new to it and don’t know how to do so?

Don’t worry. I will take you through the process step by step, so you can easily log into your Ultipro account.

But before, let’s find out what Ultipro is and how it makes your work way easier.

Let’s get started.

What is Ultipro?

The Ultipro is a Cloud-Based Human Capital Management ( HCM) System. It allows the companies to organize several complex tasks such as Payroll, tax and time management, analytics reports, talent needs, and many more.

This award-winning software by UKG PRO, formally called Ultimate Software, due to its great management abilities, saves the company’s time and effort. The employee can get their salary without delay, and it is thought to be 100% accurate.

If you have a large company and require software that will allow you to manage all your records and payrolls, this is your go-to software.

Let me guide you on how you can log into your account when you already have an account created by the company.

Login to your Ultipro Account Through Mobile

There are two ways by which you can access your Ultipro account by using your Mobile phone.

  1. By using a Web Browser

The first way by which you can access your account is through your favorite Web browser. That can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., whatever you prefer using.

Step #1:

Open your favorite Web Browser and go to https://e13.ultipro.com/Login.aspx. You will be redirected to a page of Ultipro.


On this login page, you’ll see Username and Password. Type in the details allotted to you by the company, and you are almost done.


Click Login and Congrats. You have successfully logged into your Ultipro account from your mobile’s Web browser. Now you can easily access all the options available to the employees.

  1. By using Mobile App

The Ultipro also has a mobile app by which you can easily access your employee account.

Download the Ultipro app, the play store, or AppStore. It will only download on iOs 10 or later and Android 5 and later.

It provides complete access to the tools to the employees. You will need an access code by the company to log in to your account. You can follow the steps given above from step2 to easily login.

Login To Your Ultipro Account Through PC

Logging in to your Ultipro account through PC or Mac is almost similar to how you did from the mobile’s web browser. Let us discuss them again.


Open the web browser that you use on your PC, either Mozilla, Google, or any other. Search Ultipro login or simply click on this link https://e13.ultipro.com/Login.aspx. It will redirect you to a login page


Fill in all the details given to you by your company,i.e., the Username and the Password.


Click the login button, and that’s it. Now you can use all the features as an employee without any difficulty.

How to Recover your Account

Suppose someday you forget your password and need to login into your account urgently. In that case, you can take the following steps to easily recover your account.


Navigate the “forgot your password” tab and click on it. You will be redirected to another page.


On which page you will write your username, which is your email for your Ultipro account, and click Send an email.


Now you will receive an email with information regarding your account and how you can easily access it. Follow the steps given by them, and you will get your account back in no time.

Benefits and Key Features of Ultipro

Let me tell you a few key features and benefits of Ultipro. These will help you determine the tasks this application can perform.

The Key features of Ultipro are:

  • Management of Employees
  • Recruiting
  • Forget the paperwork
  • Career opportunities
  • Efficient communication
  • Time and Resource management
  • Employee’s performance
  • Scheduling
  • Succession management
  • Management of data and information
  • Insights into your workforce
  • Payroll integration
  • Calculate premiums
  • Tax management

This software’s benefits include that it saves your time and effort and allows you to efficiently manage your team. You can keep proper data on employee performance and calculate their pays and bonuses according to their performance.

Many things made this software of the world’s best and the most recommended management software. It has been said that it is 100% accurate and has proved to be quite beneficial for many companies by keeping the data in place.

You don’t need to worry about the tax or pay calculation. A human can make errors while such work but this software never fails to impress its efficiency.


It is a wonderful software that a company should need to properly manage all its resources and employees. It has countless features and benefits that save the time of the company’s management and offer easiness for employees.

Just follow the steps mentioned above to log into your Ultipro account.

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