Firefox Fix Repairs Broken Browser Extensions

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As from the Sunday Mozilla Firefox going to start distributing a new Firefox update that will fix a problem in which broken extensions are fixed for many web browser users as on Friday. On Saturday Mozilla Firefox had published an update.

Mozilla Updated Sunday Fix:

Moreover, Sunday’s fix will help many people couldn’t achieve this by the update. Among these, there are many other issues which are still needed to fix carefully. At the moment we wanted this update to release out and get your add-ons and back up files & running before the Monday, as Mozilla corporation said in a tweet on last Sunday.

All the extensions also called as add-ons. Now, you can do customize browsing to do many other things like ad blocking, tracing or video-playback along with their speed controls. Mozilla Firefox requires digital signing to improve all type of web security. The certificate that is used by Mozilla Firefox for that purpose is now expired. So, Mozilla Firefox began to disable the add-ons it no longer able for safe use.

You need nothing to do for reactive the add-ons again for work. You need nothing to do like deleting, reinstalling or deactivating it for proper working. As Kev Needham, the product manager of Mozilla for add-ons said in a blog post for such issue.

On Saturday’s fix updated of Mozilla Firefox for an unusual working. Some people or users use this tool and the test it or some of them disabled that feature. It doesn’t work for android devices or ESR product. So, Mozilla Firefox has to fix such issue regarding the new update and fix. As Mozilla product manager said on Twitter on Saturday that many people are unable to get the update.

In Sunday’s update, Mozilla Firefox fixes the certificate issue and fix all the problem related to such issues. So, it will work not only for Personal computer and laptops. It will also work for Android devices and ESR products for better working. Many Firefox users still having an alert that their Firefox is disabling its working or deactivate.

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