The Ultimate Guide to Ad Ideas in 2022

by Admira Keric
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Did you know that 70 percent of internet users worldwide are active on social media? Starting a business is one of the most monumental tasks you could take on, and creating ads is a big part of getting your business off the ground. Creating fun and creative ad ideas will help you build an instant connection with your target market and set you apart from the competition.

You need to know all the most effective advertising methods for your business ads if you want to capture the attention of your target audience. Luckily, you’ve found the right place to learn all about new ad ideas for your business in 2022.

Keep reading this article to learn about the best advertising options that you should use for your business today!

Using GIFS

PhoneTechnology and target markets are changing, meaning your business needs to change. You may have never thought you’d see the day you’d use advertising methods like GIFs to market your business’s goods or services. One of the best ad ideas in 2022 is creating branded GIFs and uploading them to major GIF search engines like GIPHY.

GIPHY is a great option for your company’s GIFs because it is compatible with social media, text messages, Messenger, and WhatsApp. You’re opening the door for millions of people to use your GIFs, equating to free marketing for your business.

Now is the time to hop onboard if you plan on using GIFs for your business ads. It’s a trend that will continue growing over the next few years.

Meme Marketing Ads

Another great option if you’re looking for outside-of-the-box advertisement methods is meme marketing ads. Meme ads are great because there are no limits to what you can accomplish with them. It’s an effective way of showing that your brand keeps up with popular culture and the meme trends on social media and TikTok.

Memes are an integral part of the internet culture of 2022. Businesses are already using GIFs and Emojis, so it makes sense to use memes for marketing your brand’s goods or services. Your target audience will love the new ad ideas you bring to the table on your social media accounts using memes.

You’ll get a much higher investment return if people take the time to share your business ads. Memes are much more likely to get shared than traditional advertising options. Make sure you learn how to write a Google Ad and combine it with memes for your brand, as you won’t be disappointed by the results.

It’s also a great way to drive engagement with your target audience. It doesn’t matter if the meme is a true masterpiece or a total disaster; your target audience is more likely to engage with your social media accounts with meme marketing ads.

Employee-Generated Ads

Many businesses are also starting to turn to employees with skills beyond their job duties for creating ads. More Gen-Z workers are joining the workforce and finding ways to turn their internet talents into business ads that drive revenue and engagement with the younger generations.

It’s quite common to see large businesses encouraging their employees to share their experiences as one of their advertisement methods. Social media is the perfect medium for allowing your business’s employees to share their everyday experiences working for your company.

It shows your target market that your company is fun and makes it more appealing to talented workers. These employees will generate more attention than your traditional ads. Best of all, it’s free exposure for your business.

Big brands like McDonald’s are asking their employees to post work content on TikTok. The brands then take that content and use it on various advertising platforms. It’s an effective way of creating ads that generate interest.

Fake Campaigns

Amazon gets credit for kicking off its first faux campaign to take the advertising world by storm. These campaigns are often designed to look like massive corporate April Fools jokes. Amazon’s faux campaign made up a fake dating site with subtle and clever additions that were sure to make their customers laugh.

You’ll need to be careful with the content and timing of these ad ideas, but they’re sure to generate a ton of laughter from a generation that widely uses dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. It drew from the fact that dating apps are superficial and not that different from shopping for products on Amazon.

KFC is another big brand that made good use of a fake campaign. Their campaign involved creating a (sadly) fake gaming console to conquer PlayStation and Xbox. The KFConsole was designed to warm up your favorite chicken while allowing you to play your favorite games.

Free Premium Tools

TeamworkAnother ad idea to consider to generate leads is offering free premium tools in your industry. Little things like getting free website analytics or grammar analysis in exchange for your email go a long way. The consumer is getting something of value for free while building a strong bond with your business.

Your free offers will also allow you to build a robust database of customer emails. You can send them discounts, promotions, and other emails about new products that are coming out. It’s also perfect for sharing your brand’s story and values with customers that align with you.

Use These Great Ad Ideas Today

Creating ad ideas is one of the most enjoyable parts of running a business in 2022 since you have so many ways to get creative. Don’t be afraid to try creating ads that use memes and GIFs to connect with the younger generations of consumers. Consider using a faux campaign if you want to get creative with your advertisement methods.

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