Samsung ML-5015 Driver, Key Features, and Specs

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The Samsung ML-5015 is a powerful printer designed for business purposes. Robust construction meets high performance and creates a fantastic device to accomplish your tasks. Get the Samsung ML-5015 driver before starting your first printing tasks.

This printing equipment comes loaded with features. The presence of a wide LCD touchscreen allows more effortless printing operation anytime. While auto duplexing saves a lot of paper and effort, wired connectivity promises a reliable connection.

Samsung ML-5015 Driver Highlights

Samsung ML-5015 Driver

1. Auto Duplexing

The ML-5015 streamlines your printing tasks with auto-duplexing. Featured with an automatic document feeder, it can handle two-sided documents without your intervention. So, you can tackle any other tasks while waiting for this device finishes its job.

2. Extra Large Input Capacity

This model has featured an extra-large input capacity for convenient business printing. It supports more than 500 sheets of plain paper, which is more than enough for daily printing tasks, even for offices with high printing volumes. It has a multipurpose tray that handles up to 100 sheets of paper.

3. Convenient LCD Touchscreen

If numerical keypads and functional buttons confuse you, the ML-5015ND is highly accessible to anyone. This product has a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen that replaces those complex buttons and keypads. Operating this machine is so much easier with this control panel.

4. Ultra-Fast Print Speed

Every printer designed for a business environment must be fast. This model promises an ultra-fast print speed of up to 48 pages per minute to meet your rapid work pace. Compared to its business printer counterparts, this speed rating is above par.

5. Reliable Connectivity

Establishing a connection with the computer made simple, thanks to hi-speed USB. The ML-5015ND promises a reliable connection with USB and network. It also supports printer sharing with a network connectivity option.

6. High Duty Cycle

When it comes to duty cycle, this model gives you peace of mind—thanks to the high rating of duty cycle it offers. It supports up to 200,000 pages per month, which is quite large for business. 

Samsung ML-5015 Driver Specs

Samsung ML-5015 Driver

1. Printer Specs

The Samsung ML-5015ND uses laser print technology to tackle various basic printing tasks. You can expect high-quality results for different business documents combined with high print resolution up to 1200 dpi.

This model works efficiently not only for text but also for graphics and charts. And if you need to print monochrome images, it has got you covered. Get the Samsung ML-5015ND driver and start your printing journey.

2. Print Speed

The high-speed rating is a crucial driver to improved work productivity. This printer is rated 48 pages per minute for A4 monochrome printing, which is significantly higher than average business printers. With such a speed rating, printing bulks of documents won’t be a big deal.

3. Paper & Media Handling

The ML-5015ND offers double input trays, including standard and multipurpose trays. A 520-sheet standard cassette provides an ultra-large capacity to handle daily printing tasks. It also has a 100-sheet multipurpose tray for convenient printing with various media types.

Regarding media sizes, it supports a wide range of popular paper sizes like A4, Letter, Officio, Legal, and Envelope. Not to mention it supports custom sizes for convenient printing.

4. Connectivity

Standard connectivity options play a significant role in determining your printing experience. A hi-speed USB and network support the ML-5015ND to ensure a reliable connection while printing. Enjoy a trouble-free connection with your computer!


Overall, the Samsung ML-5015ND is an excellent business printer with abundant features. This is a printer to support your business with a boast of extra-large input capacity and super-fast print speed. Get the Samsung ML-5015ND driver to make it work properly on your computer.

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