The Most Common Streaks in Blackjack and Ways to Handle Them

by Admira Keric
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Blackjack players know that once seated at the table, there can only be two endings to the game. It’s either they win or lose. While winning a blackjack game can easily make you the happiest at the casino, losing can be just as frustrating.

As you continue playing blackjack, there are times when you will experience what is known as a “streak”. It comes in different ways. This article will discover the most common streaks you can encounter while playing blackjack and how to deal with them.

Identifying Streaks in Blackjack

As mentioned earlier, you would experience different kinds of streaks at the blackjack table while playing. The common ones are the winning and losing streaks. As a player, when the cards in your hands are good, you are referred to as hot in the blackjack world. The reverse is the case when your cards are not so good. You will be tagged a cold player.

At the table, your streaks have more than one thing to do with the dealer since you are playing majorly to beat the latter, hands down. In a situation where the cards in your hands are all good or poor, and it’s the same at the dealer’s end, you can expect the game to be even with both sides winning. Things will turn quickly at the blackjack table when you are cold while the dealer is hot. Bye to both sides winning. Here comes the losing streak.

Handling Your Winning Streaks

BlackjackEveryone hopes to have winning streaks while playing blackjack with high stakes, but not everyone knows how to handle them when they come their way. When you are on a winning streak, you swim in the rivers of wins. No losses; you are just winning the games as they come. This is where your money management skills come to play.

Ideally, you should have a betting budget. This is your bankroll. When you are on your winning streak, you most likely will bet your maximum limit to make the most of the moment. While that is great, don’t keep on betting blindly. Put a strategy in place to guide the way you bet. After an initial win with your minimum limit, you can go higher on your bet. If you wish to continue betting after this, study your table. If the table is still hot, you can increase your bet. If it’s not, either go back to your initial bet limit or walk away with your earnings.

Handling Your Losing Streaks

It’s a given that not all blackjack games can be hot. While you will experience winning streaks at times, you will find yourself on a losing streak at other times. It’s unavoidable. What you can do during that period is to bet the minimum amount you can on the blackjack table.

If the losing streak continues, you might have to take a walk or give up the game. You don’t want to keep playing and end up blowing your money. Walking away from a game is perfectly normal, so choose to walk in the case of a losing streak.

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