Should You Buy a New or Used GPU?

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Buying a gaming setup can be pretty expensive. I suppose you are having the same issues. Am I right? If yes, you should know that to cut a few corners; you can buy refurbished items that will work just fine with your setup. I purchased a used GPU a while back, and it is working completely fine.

But of course, you need to look out for certain things before buying a used GPU. I kept all of those in mind, due to which I am still enjoying the power it produces. The main question here is that should you buy a new or used GPU?

There has not been anyone who can say for sure if you should go for any of them. If you are low on budget, you can go for the used GPUs, and they will work just fine. But if you have the resources, go on and buy the latest GPU generation available in the market.

Let’s head to our article to see which one is better and if you are going for an old one, what things you should keep in mind beforehand.

Is a Used GPU better than a New GPU?

Some might say that a new GPU is much more reliable and valuable than an old one, but that’s not entirely true. Sometimes the new generations provide the same amount of power as the last one but with a few modifications. We’ll discuss a few things that will show you why a Used GPU is better than a new one in most cases.

1) Pricing

The price of a new model will undoubtedly be higher than the old one. But the thing that comes into play is the release of new GPU causes a massive decline in the price of the old GPUs so you can buy the old one at a relatively lower price and still have the best performance required by your gaming or work setup.

2) Specifications

The specs on a new GPU will indeed be more advanced and improved, but usually, there are very minimal changes such as bug fixes, aesthetics, and a bit of improvement performance vise. If you don’t want such power and performance, then an older generation GPU will be the best option for you, especially when you are on a low budget.

3) Power and Usage

The power and usage of the newer GPU will always be better but an old one is not much far behind. You can find GPUs from the market that still have a warranty, and buying those graphic cards is a win-win situation. But if you have the budget and need more power, go for the newer generations, as many experts recommend.

Reasons Why a Used GPU better than a New GPU

There are some reasons due to which you should go for an older version rather than spending your valuable money on a newer version. These reasons are:

1) Budget-Friendly

The older GPUs are budget-friendly because when a new generation is launched, the older one loses $100-$300 in the process. It subsequently decreases the price of the used older generations GPU so that you can have a great graphics card at a price much less than your expectation.

2) More Power in Less Money

Sometimes the newer models don’t provide considerably more power than the older ones. If there’s a significant upgrade, you can expect higher performance. Other than buying a new version could be a foolish thing to do when you can buy the older one with the same power at a significantly lower price.

3) Eco-Friendly

These are eco-friendly in a way that the old GPUs will not be going to waste, instead, you can be buying an old one and reusing it until all its power is completely drained out. In that way, it is safer to through them out when they are completely drained of power.

4) Can get Latest Version GPU when a New arrives

You can buy the older generations GPU at a relatively lower price with the same power and specs when a new model launches. It is the perfect time to buy a new old generation GU because the prices significantly drop.

Where to Buy a Used GPU

There are a few trusted places from where you can buy a used GPU without any risk of fraud. All the products in their marketplace are safe, and they a guaranty to everything they are selling.

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Craiglist
  4. com
  5. Newegg

These are the safest and the most trusted websites from which you can buy a GPU at a low price. I would recommend online shopping due to the prevailing covid-19 situations.

Cons of Buying a Used GPU

Like any other device, there are a few drawbacks to buying a used GPU. Still, to be clear, the advantages overtake the disadvantages, so these are just precautionary cons that you can expect sometimes.

  • The GPU can have any issues that can not be solved, or it will require extra bucks to get it repaired.
  • If a Cryptocurrency miner uses the GPU, it would be entirely used up and will not provide significant performance.
  • Your card might start to overheat, so make sure to see the signs of decoloration before buying a used GPU.

Common Problems of Used GPU with Solutions

You might face a couple of problems, but these problems can easily be fixed without spending any extra money. I will also tell you the solutions so you can also do it at home.

1) Overheating

You can face an overheating problem after you buy the GPU, but one good thing is that it can quickly be resolved. You only need to add a new thermal compound to the GPU’s die, and you are set to use it with maximum performance. Remove the fan and other components from the GPU, add the thermal compound, attach everything back, and you are good to go.

2) Dust Build-up

Many people don’t clean the GPU and keep on using it for weeks and months. Due to this, dust starts to build up in the GPU that can also cease the fan. In this case, you will take all the components out and clean it entirely with a dry brush, and your GPU will be as good as new and will provide optimum performance. To get rid of such issues with your GPU it is recommended to use a virtual GPU Dedicated Server from Desktop as a Service providers.

Tips to Buy a Used GPU

There are a few pieces of advice that you should follow before going to the market to buy a used GPU. These tips are:

1) Buy one Generation Old GPU

It would help if you always bought a GPU that is one generation old. Whenever a new version is launched, you can head out to the market and buy the previous one at a much lower price. I have been using refurbished GPUs for a long time, and they work perfectly fine if you have done your research.

2) Compare it with Newer and Older GPUs

You should compare the specs of the newer and older GPUs. Sometimes there is no significant change in the specs, so going for an older version will be a win-win situation. But if the newer version has some notable upgrades and you need them, try to grab it as early as possible.

3) Make sure that it works perfectly

You need to be entirely sure that the GPU you are buying runs at its maximum capacity. There can small issues, but the issues that can be resolved quickly are no issues at all. Make sure you are entirely satisfied with the performance and working of the GPU.

4) Ask for the GPU history

You should always ask about the usage of the GPU. In these GPUs, most of them are used by Crypto miners, and those GPUs are maximally used and cannot provide much efficiency. SO make sure the GPU is used by a gamer or for regular work and not for such high-end things.

5) A Warranty can be great

Mostly, the used GPUs don’t come with a warranty, but if you can find one with a warranty, that would be a great opportunity, and you shouldn’t miss out on it at any cost. You may have to pay a little extra, but it would be worth your money and time.

6) Sell your old GPU to gather some more money

It would be best if you sold your old GPU so you can gather a few extra bucks that can be used to buy an efficient and reliable refurbished GPU. It is better to use the money from the last GPU to buy a new one as it will also decrease the purchase cost as you will be recycling the money from your old GPU.

Final Thoughts

Now you know precisely why you should go for an older GPU rather than a new one. It will provide almost the same kind of power but at a much lower price than the new one’s. The points that I have discussed above will help you make a decision and help you buy a used GPU in the best of conditions.

So, I’ll take my leave now as I have conveyed all the knowledge I gathered after surveys and weeks of research. I leave it up to you now to decide which one is best for you. One last thing, don’t buy a GPU that was used for Cryptocurrency mining.

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