5 Ways Today’s Technology Makes Online Therapy Effective

by Tech Billow
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In recent years, nearly every product and service on the market has expanded to offer an online version, and therapy is no different! But, like many others, you may be wondering whether online therapy is as effective as traditional face-to-face sessions with a mental health provider. Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is that when done correctly, online counseling and therapy can be just as effective as traditional therapy! Sites like MyTherapist and many others use today’s advanced technology to their advantage in order to provide effective therapy and counseling to a wide variety of clients. So how does the advanced technology of 2021 benefit online therapy services?


One of the most valuable assets of the internet is that it is extremely accessible. Anyone who has a computer, tablet, or smartphone can access the internet anytime. Even those who don’t personally own technology that connects to the internet can use a public computer at a local library or community center. The accessibility of the internet means that many people can now enjoy the benefits of therapy from the comfort of their own home.


Online therapy tends to be much more affordable than traditional therapy sessions. Plus, since clients don’t have to drive to their appointment, they save even more money on gas and transportation costs.

Multiple Streams of Communication

If you look into online therapy, you’ll find that there are many different ways to go about it! Not only can you type asynchronous messages back and forth to a mental healthcare provider, but you can also engage in an online chat, an internet-supported phone call, or even a video session that nearly replicates the experience of an in-person therapy appointment. With all of these options available, clients are able to choose the stream of communication that best fits their needs and lifestyle, making online therapy more customizable.

Breaking the Stigma

For decades, the idea of traditional therapy has come with a bit of a stigma that leaves some people feeling too embarrassed or ashamed to schedule a session, even if they’re truly struggling with their mental health. But with online therapy, clients are now able to avoid that stigma; there’s no longer a worry about running into someone they know at the counselor’s office or encountering unwanted opinions about going to therapy. Instead, online therapy allows clients to be as private as they wish to be regarding therapy or counseling.

Additional Opportunities

Unlike traditional therapy sessions, online therapy offers additional opportunities for clients to continue working on their mental health in between sessions. For example, most online counseling and therapy platforms allow clients to message their provider and receive a message back at least once a day. For many people, a daily check-in can be extremely helpful! In addition, there are many different mental health and therapy apps that can be used in conjunction with sessions to further improve mental health and reinforce ideas talked about during sessions. These additional opportunities to enrich mental health and implement the concepts learned in online therapy sessions can actually make the online therapy itself more effective!

The Bottom Line

Many question whether online therapy and counseling services are as effective as traditional in-person therapy sessions. Thanks to today’s highly developed technology, the answer is yes! With online therapy, clients can benefit from increased accessibility and affordability. They can choose from multiple different streams of communication in order to select the one that best fits their needs. The stigma that can come with the idea of traditional therapy is nearly nonexistent when it comes to online therapy, and there are even additional opportunities to better your mental health online.

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