OnePlus 6T: Release Date Moved. The Company Does Not Hide That it’s About Apple

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Oneplus 6t Data Premiery Apple

OnePlus 6T will hit the market the day before it was planned. The change seems to be small, but the company’s representatives say that it is “one of the most painful decisions” that they had to take. And all by Apple.

OnePlus 6T: Premiere, However, October 29

Initially, the Chinese planned to show their new phone on October 30. However, they were forced to change their plans when Apple announced on this day its own event, during which the new iPads and Maki will be released.

OnePlus has no doubt that Apple’s event would overshadow its premiere. Apparently, hours have been debated on possible options. The release of the release date was supposed to be the smallest evil.

OnePlus promises that it will ensure that no one is harmed

Not only journalists were invited to the premiere of OnePlus 6T. Everyone could buy a ticket for this event.

The company is aware that people have already managed to buy airline tickets and book accommodation in hotels. On its forum, there was an assurance that OnePlus will cover all costs that customers were exposed due to the change of the release date. All Chinese participants have to contact each other individually.

I suspect that Apple has chosen this date for the premiere of his products

The last iPad was presented on March 27 – exactly on the launch day of the Huaweia P20, with Huawei sending invitations to his event much earlier. Press photos and Phone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 “leaked” just on the launch of the Xperia XZ3 at IFA 2018.

OnePlus’s products – due to good value for money – arouse great interest in the industry and Apple knows it. He also knows that even his second-league event will be able to overshadow any other premiere. I do not believe that from all dates, Apple chose this very coincident.

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