How to Change GPS Location on Android

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Change GPS Location on Android

Many applications but also games use the GPS chip of your Smartphone to geolocates you. If you cannot stand these intrusions in your privacy know that it is possible to simulate a false GPS position on your mobile.

The Dangers of Geolocation:

Initially, geolocation was mainly used to locate the user on a map, to inform him of real-time road traffic or to offer services close to his geographical position (free parking spaces, cinemas, public toilets, restaurants etc.). An instance of some time, you have seen the emergence of a new type of application that you can adapt other content according to your location data.

Virtual reality games, social networks, photo sharing sites, there are countless online services that exploit the geolocation function of our Smartphone’s. By combining data from your mobile device with GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G accesses, these apps can accurately determine where you are.

Simulate a false GPS location:

In the planet, you can find many techniques to prevent certain apps from putting their noses into your location data. This tips to stop Google from tracking with your GPS.

This application you can find on the Google Play Store that can provide a false GPS position. This is the case of Fake GPS. Once installed on your Android Smartphone, it will make your applications believe that you are in another place that you have previously defined.

It will not only protect your privacy but also cheat some games and especially those exploiting virtual reality. They use the GPS and the Smartphone’s camera to organize giant hunting.

A problem you have to travel many miles before catching trophies, loot or characters. With Fake GPS, you can make the game believe that you are in a park or downtown or in a forest looking for trophies. And all without leaving your couch.

How to Define a Position in Fake GPS:

We will now see what is the procedure to follow to set up a false GPS location.

Allow Fictitious Locations on Android:

Before you start downloading the Fake GPS application, you will need to allow your Smartphone to use fictitious positions first.

  • Open your Android mobile settings
  • Select the About phone section
  • Click Build Number repeatedly until you see a warning message
  • Allow the development parameters to be displayed by clicking on the OK button
  • Normally on the settings home page, you should see the Developer Options box.
  • Click on Developer Options then activate the switch at the top of the window
  • Check the box allowing fictional positions

Be careful changes made in this menu can cause serious malfunctions on your phone. Prodigies mobile cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by improper handling on your part in this menu.

Disable Wi-Fi Location Service:

As you may know, Android uses GPS, mobile network, but also Wi-Fi to determine your location. Before you can use Fake GPS, you will need to disable the Wi-Fi location.

  • Open your mobile settings
  • Click on Location Services
  • Uncheck Allow certain applications to use Wi-Fi network data to identify your approximate location

Install Fake GPS on your Phone:

That’s it we finally arrive at the end of this tutorial. One or two adjustments to make and you can teleport virtually to the other side of the world without paying the least euro.

  • You can download the Fake GPS app from the Play Store and APK Here
  • Activate the GPS function of your mobile
  • Launch Fake GPS
  • Then click on the desired place on the map
  • Validate your position

Here you have virtually changed locations. You just have to open an application like Google Maps to have confirmation.

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