How to Prepare Your Firm for the Cybersecurity Risks of 2022

by Maja Cizmic
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As cybersecurity develops, so too does the software that criminal gangs use to intrude upon your digital infrastructure and extract your valuable data. As such, the cybersecurity game is a little like a game of cat and mouse, with the cybersecurity firms often half a step behind.

In order to prepare yourself for the risks in 2022, then, you’re going to need the latest technology and advice to help mitigate new and emerging risks. Here are some pointers on how to better protect your firm in 2022.

Password Security

Even though cyberattack applications have become significantly more advanced in recent years, they often still require a point of access in order to get into your systems and wreak havoc. As such, they’re usually seeking a set of password details or an employee they think they can exploit to gain access to your digital infrastructure.

Employees working in certain sectors, such as the government, need to pay extra attention to cybersecurity measures. The experts at SecureLink explain that the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services Division) is the largest division of the FBI and the primary source of information and services for all law enforcement, national security, and intelligence community partners. Most importantly, it’s what keeps government agencies safe from the suspicious cyber activity and digital threats.

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All this means that excellent password security is a must for every employee in your organization. Two-factor authorization, or 2FA, is essential to protect your login details. Every employee should revise their passwords to make them different from their passwords, thus preventing breaches resulting from personal password details being sold on the dark web.


Many firms now operate with an application that’s either web-based or downloadable from an app store. These apps are fantastic ways to engage with your customers, offering them unique UX designs and gathering essential data on their activity. However, they come with downsides, including security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are all too happy to exploit.

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To make sure that your app is running smoothly and without significant vulnerabilities, it’s vital to run cybersecurity testing upon it. One such test is conducted via static application security testing, which tends to reveal many of the weaknesses in the underlying code of your app

. The downside is that it can limit the speed of your development – but given that a security breach can be catastrophic for your firm, this is something most app providers are happy to live with.

New Software

Elsewhere, you’ll also host a website, and you’ll be using internal systems that are vulnerable in their own ways to hacks and breaches. There are two key ways to help protect these digital assets.

The first is to conduct a due diligence test of your current digital service providers to ensure they’re following the most up-to-date security protocols, including updating their software in light of emerging threats.

The second way to improve the security of your digital systems is to use new software provided by cutting-edge cybersecurity firms.

These software solutions will often be your best bet to avoid being subject to an attack that is novel in 2022 – because the cybersecurity firms responsible for them are used to dealing with emerging and horizon-level threats.

Pay these subscription fees, and you’ll be able to rest easier in the knowledge that you have the best possible protection for your firm this year.

Make these changes to your digital infrastructure and security management to protect your firm in 2022.

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