How to Change a Tiny URL

by Tech Billow
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Tiny URL is a web service which shortens the long URL’s making them easier to remember. Tiny URL was launched in 2002; it was initially created so long links could be reduced and posted in newspapers.

Changing the URL into a tiny URL will not affect the results in any way and will always redirect you to the same page. The tiny URLs created will never expire unless you want to delete them.

Tiny URL offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to change your URLs

Follow these steps to change your URLs using a Tiny URL.

  • Open the website whose URL you want to shorten in your computer’s browser.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar.
  • Open
  • Now Paste here the copied URL in the given space labeled “Enter a long URL to make tiny.”
  • Enter your Custom alias; the custom alias should be unique and can consist of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • After you have decided your Alias and have pasted the URL, click on “Make TinyURL!” and wait for the confirmation message that your tiny URL is created.

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