Guide To The Stremio Streaming App For Beginners

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Most people are just tired of the rising prices of TV packages; therefore, they search for the media center software to watch the required content.

Stremio is an incredible media center application where all the users can watch the media content from different services, favourite films, TV series, music videos, live TV, podcasts, and much more.

The Stremio is based on the add-on system. The content is collected from third parties and is provided to the users. The application is easy, safe, and free to use. You can install it very quickly either from Apple App or Google play store.

Are you interested to know more about the Stremio app? You can get through this guide. Here you will learn all about Stremio, how you can install the app, what you can watch, the app’s features, and much more. So stay here and complete your reading.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a media center which can be used for different devices, including tablets, smartphones, PC, and TV. Well, you can install the app on your TV, but you can also use the app by using the Apple TV, DLNA protocol, and Chromecast.

With this application’s help, you can watch different sorts of videos, including movies, other series, podcasts, video channels, live TV, music, and much more. Furthermore, you can also create your library and can add your favorite videos there.

The app is straightforward to use and is entirely user friendly. The Stremio offers multiple incredible features, which make it the best choice. Therefore, Stremio is far better as compared to other compatible apps. 

The Stremio is based on the add-on system, which collects the content and provides you with the streams from multiple sources. The best thing about Stremio is that none of the add-ons is preinstalled on the users’ PC. Therefore, the user will remain safe from all sorts of malicious codes. 

Stremio Main Menu

The main menu of the Stremio is user friendly and has the following options:

  • Discovery

With this option, you can search for new movies, TV serials, channels, series, or anything else you want to watch.

  • Add-ons

Here the users can find the required add-ons and can install them. Well, the installation is relatively easy, so you will not face any difficulty. Beside it, if you do not want to get any add-on, you can uninstall them.

You can get the add-ons for series, cartoons, movies, sports, podcasts, music videos, games, and subtitles.

  • Board

The board lets you get the most relevant or highly recommended content. Furthermore, here you can also get the recently watched content. You can arrange the content in the different categories such as top series, famous movies, series or movies by their ratings, and much more.

  • My Library

Here you can save all of your favorite movies so that you can watch them later on. So, the library stores all of your favorite movies. Each movie or film has the Add to Library button.

Stremio Settings

  1. The interface is straightforward to use. You can choose the language for the interface, just according to your comfort level.
  2. With default subtitles, you can select the default languages for the subtitles.
  3. The auto-play next episode will play the upcoming episode or video.
  4. With the help of cache size, you can select the largest cache size, and in this way, you can prevent buffering.
  5. The background playback lets the playback continue the videos in the background if you minimize the application.
  6. The data sever you the warning or alert messages if you try to watch the videos using the WiFi.
  7. Moreover, the crash reporting sends the report to Stremio in case of failure.
  8. Hardware-accelerated decoding lets you get better video playback.

Stremio: Basic Functionality

  • Watch Movies

On the main screen page, also known as the board, you will get them a list of all the recommended or most relevant videos. Well, all the videos are related to the categories videos which you have watched earlier.

You need to click the movie and can start watching your favorite movies. Moreover, on the right side, you will get a list of all the available sources. Besides, you can also search for your favorite or required films by using the search bar.

If you want to search or get the content you are interested in, click the discover tab present at the top of the screen. You can also click the free menu, which would be present on the left side. Above all, one option would be available without any payment.

  • Control Stremio Remotely

If your smartphone is connected to a device through which you are running the Stremio, such as your laptop or computer, you can control it remotely.

If you want to complete control over the app, click the gear icon present at the top-right side. A list will appear on your screen.

A QR code will be present there, you can scan the code, and you would be directed towards the website. The site would let you control the application just the way you want. In this way, you can control the Stremio, and you would not have to install any application on your mobile phone.

Features OfStremio

The app has multiple numbers of advanced features, making it the perfect choice for all of you. A few of them are described here with a brief description:

  1. The app lets you get all the latest movies, serials, TV shows, and much more without any stress.
  2. The users can organize their favorite movies just the way they want or with any style.
  3. The app comes along with Google Chromecast support.
  4. Keep track of your history with the help of this app.
  5. The users can turn on the notifications, so they will be notified as soon as a new video, movie, or serial would be uploaded.
  6. Above all, Stremio has a calendar with the help you can get to know about all the ongoing series. But before learning about it, you will have to talk about your favorite show.
  7. Moreover, with the Stremio calendar’s help, the users can import their Trakt library, choose the titles from the Discover tab, and import the locally stored videos.

Is Stremio Free?

Yes, Stremio is entirely free. You can install the app and can use it without paying a single penny. If a user gets the subscription for the Stremio, he can use it in the Stremio application. Above all, you would not have to pay any additional money or charges for this.

Is Stremio Safe To Use?

Yes, Stremio is entirely safe to use. The application does not host movies or TV shows, so you can use the application without any stress—the app act like a third party, which directs the users towards the available streaming options. 

It is a legitimate application and is available in the App store. But keep in mind that if you have installed the third-party add-ons, then the app may not remain safe to use. The app is legal or illegal; it all depends on the way you use the application.

Stremio Supported Devices

Use the app on any device, including:

  1. Linux PC
  2. Amazon Firestick
  3. macOS
  4. Android smartphones
  5. Windows PC which has Windows XP and above
  6. iOS Smartphones

Recommended Stremio Addons

The users can install the add-ons, which help the users live the movies or TV shows etc. Well, YouTube and OpenSubtitles would be the best options for Stremio users. You can download these add-ons from the application.

How To Download The StremioApp

You can easily install the Stremio application as it is available both at Apple App and Google Store. But the application is unavailable at the Microsoft Store.

To install the application, follow the given steps:

  1. From your computer, open the web browser and then type Stremio’s URL and search.
  2. Just click the Windows logo, which is present at the bottom of the screen.
  3. A pop-up will appear on your screen; choose the location where you want to save the application.
  4. The file will begin to download
  5. As the download get complete, open the file to install
  6. At the end of the installation process, tick the relevant check, which will appear on your screen, and then click the finish.

How Can You Use The Stremio App?

As described earlier, the application is entirely free to use. But you will have to get the premium subscription for all the third parties from where all of your favorite movies or series would be synced.

To use the Stremio application, follow the given steps:

  1. Open the Stremio application and click any video or movie which you want to play.
  2. On the next page, you will get all the streaming channels available from where you can watch the movies.
  3. Here you would have to choose the channel for which you have the subscription.
  4. Click at the channel, and you would be directed towards a page where you can log in and play the movie.


The app is entirely safe and free to use. Therefore, Stremio is getting a huge appreciation from its users. With this application’s help, you can watch all of your favorite movies, films, TV shows, and much more with just one click. Moreover, users can make the gallery in their style. In short, the app offers you several numbers of unique and most appealing features, which make it a perfect choice for all of you.

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