10 Websites Like Pubfilm to Watch Movies for Free 2020

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Entertainment and fun are a way of life, is a famous proverb. What can be better than watching your favorite movies and TV shows in your leisure time?

When no one is willing to pay for the subscription services or do not want to rush into the theaters, free online movie streaming sites are the best option.

You can find various free streaming sites, which allow people to enjoy free movies and TV shows without any disturbance. You can get any videos like from classic to the latest, And from funny to adventurous there.

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What is Pubfilm?

Pubfilm is one of the most popular and old free online movie streaming sites. You can watch a wide range of digital content like movies, web series, TV shows, and much more there. And it is quite easy to search for movies or shows here.

You need to enter the Pubfilm online, search for your favorite movies, and then select what you want to watch.

The site has categorized the content very beautifully. So, you can find well-defined sets of action, comedy, thrillers, romance, adventure, biographic, and many more. Furthermore, if you are willing to watch the new movies, you can select the various Genres according to your taste.

Get access to Pubfilm through VPN

It is crucial to know that online sites are third party unauthorized free online movie streaming sites. Pubfilm is not allowed in many countries. Motion Picture Association of America has also banned the Pubfilm.

The Pubfilm operates under different names and domains, which is illegal in various countries. So, you need to use the VPN is quite useful while streaming on Pubfilm online.

What is a VPN?

VPN or virtual private network helps the users to get access to all the restricted sites by replacing the original IP address with the fake one. Thus by using the VPN, you can get access to Pubfilm or any other site.

The VPN puts you through a tunnel connection to helps you to reach the restricted websites. So, it is essential to use a reliable VPN service while streaming movies online on the sites.

Best Alternatives To Pubfilm For Streaming Movies Online

Pubfilm is one of the best and free movie streaming sites. But just like other sites, it is also at the target of governments and ISPs. It may go offline, and therefore viewers search for best Pubfilm alternatives.

Here, the top 10 alternatives of Pubfilm are listed. You can follow them to enjoy free streaming of your favorite movies.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an excellent alternative that you can use to watch films online. It is a library of movies, TV shows and many more. Furthermore, the site is quite good and friendly to use.

You can watch movies of various categories here like Animated, Hollywood, Bollywood, and dual audio movies for free. The design is excellent and also shines by covering thousands of TV shows and movies.

You can download the desktop version of the app or watch movies online on the website. The windows platform based application lets the viewers download the videos using torrent links. The app allows you to enjoy the film with subtitles.

Beside it, the site has advanced sorting and filtering options. You can choose movies or shows according to your choice.

New Movies Online

New Movies Online

New movies online provide you a wide range of free videos and also much other content such as books, TV series, blogs, and sports events. You can get all of these programs very quickly on the site, as new movies online arrange the content for you in different categories.

When you get bored of certain kinds of movies, just head to the new movies online and enjoy the unique content.



If you are searching for old and new movies, Vumoo is an ideal site for you. It is quite popular on the internet and is like a celebrity among its lovers. The site is quick and straightforward to use.

It has exceptional quality, which allows you to download the movies directly from the site. You can download and set up its default video player so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without any ads.

The site has an attractive interface, which you can’t ignore. Not only movies but your favorite TV serials are also available there. All the programs are arranged in alphabetical order just for the convenience of the viewers. The website gets updated frequently.



1337x is famous for being the safest torrent site. The site is readily available through the mirror links. It is quite safe to use, and copyrighted material can be used with the help of the DCMA form.

Comparing to the other movie sites, 1337x is slightly different and works in a better way. It also allows users to download movies while they can also watch online videos.

Besides movies, you can also listen to music, watch television programs, documentaries, and games. The site does not work in many countries, and you can open it through the proxy.



Rainierland is trying to make it one of the best alternatives to the Pubfilm. The site has introduced a night mode to enable the viewers to enjoy the movies for a more extended period.

The site is improving its self to provide abetter experience to the users. The database updated after a specific time interval so that people can quickly access all the latest movies without visiting the theaters.



Kanopy is the most favorite for people of all ages who love to watch movies. The site can provide you the most recently released movies, as well as also offer programs for the kids and businessman.

The site is accessible on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, AndriodTV, Andriod, Chromecast, and all computer platforms. The site contains a vast collection of Hollywood movies. Besides, the site provides educational, entertaining, and enriching videos for the kids.

Vex Movies

Vex Movies

Vex movies offer both online streaming and downloading services to enable the people to enjoy the playback. The site provides high video quality, i.e., HD or SD so that the visual quality can be improved. You can watch the latest movies here. The site has a direct and straightforward layout so that you can explore your way around.



The website provides free movie streaming services for both flicks and TV shows—it the most prominent online website to enjoy the popular box office movies. The site is free, and there is no need to get you registered.

You can enjoy all the favorite movies in high quality here, as the streaming quality is quite smooth and pleasant over here. You can get access to the site without any problem or trouble. The website has a beautiful and complete layout.

Movie4u is legal and a free way to enjoy the movies. You can watch all of your favorite videos by searching them at the index of the website. Furthermore, when you do not know what to watch, just go to the top IBDM rankings to dig out more trending movies.



MoviesFlix is software, and you need to download it on your mobile or desktop. It is free and provides 100% free access to all types of programs. The app is gaining popularity as it contains a growing list of movies on HD quality.

The streaming website is open, and everyone can get access to it very quickly. The site contains a vast number of movies, which is the most attractive feature of this site. And the number of available videos is also increasing day by day. You can enjoy the film free of any ad.

All you need is a mobile or computer with a reliable internet connection to enjoy late-night movies with your family and friends.



Through YahooView, you can watch the movies free of cost without spending a single penny. You can search the video you want to watch on the specific genre, by clicking the tab containing the particular type.

The site gives you limited access, and a few TV shows are available only if you are within US premises. In the case of movies, you can enjoy all the stuff equally. Everything is accessible.

Besides the movies and TV shows, you can enjoy and web series here. And this makes it an incredible choice for the users.


So, here the best alternative to Pubfilm in 2020 to enjoy the movies, TV shows, and web series have been shared. So, you can still survive if Pubfilm goes down or you can’t get access. And as mentioned above, you can enjoy all the movies and shows here just like Pubfilm.

All of these websites are good enough and can provide you constant streaming if you assure a reliable internet connection. Hopefully, this article helped you to get the best possible alternatives to Pubfilm.

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