10 Flaming Questions a Logo Designer Should Ask Their Clients

by Peter Hollens
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Flaming Questions a Logo Designer

Being a logo designer does not have to be like agreeing to work for all kinds of clients. There are a few things that you needed to be sure about before you go around settling with people to help them with their logo designs. Here are ten essential questions that every logo designer should ask the clients before signing up for their project.

Question #1

Can You Tell Me About Your Company & Business?

It is necessary that a logo designer ask the client about their company and business. It should be in the knowledge of a logo designer that what their clients sell and who is their target market. Knowing about the audience will help in the phase where you have to choose the layout, colors, and fonts for the logo design.

Question #2

Can You Provide the Name(s) of Your Competitors?

A professional logo designer always know who their opponents are, as it will help them to create something better and unique for their clients. Knowing the challengers of the client or their brand is an alternate way of gaining knowledge who is your competition, and what you have to do differently.

Question #3

Do You Have Any Previous Experience of Hiring Professional Logo Designers Dubai?

It should be in the knowledge of a logo designer whether their clients previously had hired any of the Professional Logo Designers Dubai or not, as it will let the designer know about the expectations of the clients, and whose shoes they have to fill to get the clients happy with the work.

Question #4

Can You Share Your Previous Experience With the Logo Designers You Hired? (If Any)

If the clients already had previous experience of working with the client then request them to tell you whether they had a good time working with them or not. Also, ask them the cause of not hiring the same designer again.

Question #5

Do You Have Any Logo Design Currently?

It happens most of the time that the client already has the existing logo design,but they want it to be redesigned or get modified. Do not at any cost forget to ask the clients if they have any prevailing logo design that they can show you.

Question #6

Is There Any Specific Instruction That You Want to Provide?

Sometimes clients want some extra features or characteristics to be added in their logo design. It is so important for a logo designer to ask their clients if they need any additional beautification to be added in their logo design, or if they have any special instruction for the logo designer to follow while designing their logo design.

Question #7

Does Your Brand Have A Tagline or Slogan?

It is observed that many brands have some catchy phrases or taglines whereas other only have the name of the brand working best for them. It is necessary that you should ask your clients whether their brand has any slogan or not. It is not essentials if the brand has a tagline, the client wants it to be included in their logo design. Some clients prefer their logos to have the company’s slogan in it, however others like it to keep it simple without going the extra mile for including anything additional to the logo.

Question #8

Do You Have Any Design In Your Mind or Inspiration?

Clients often reach out the logo designers when they have some thought or idea in their mind or any of the sample that has been taken from any other brand or company to provide inspiration to the logo designers. A professional logo designer must know what their client wants and what they want the designers to avoid while creating their logo design.

Question #9

When Do You Want the Logo to Be Submitted to You?

The requirements of the logo designer and their deadline must balance each other. Let the client know that their list of details are too comprehensive to be accomplished at the time they want the project to be delivered to them.

Question #10

What Is Your Budget & How Are You Willing to Pay?

The list of requirements and their quotations must support each other. A logo designer should know the cost plan of the client before they agree on working. Also, it is mandatory to ask the client in what order will they pay the bills. Some people pay the entire amount in advance whereas some belief in paying the amount once the project has been submitted to them.

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