Top 7 Developer Communities Every Developer Should Follow

by Maja Cizmic
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This article is devoted to the organizations where we discover different things daily. These groups may help us chuckle, educate, and encourage each other with everything from coding hints to jokes. Because web development technologies are constantly evolving, the software development area is getting increasingly difficult.

As a result, you require specific sources to serve as your final support system.

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Networks serve as a collaborative forum for the tech-savvy, knowledgeable, competent, and inexperienced alike, where you may exchange information, personal experience, mistakes, and abilities to benefit all users. Below you’ll find a list of 7 vital communities every developer should follow, including a plethora of different sites suitable for developers at all stages of their careers.

Try them out, and keep in mind that these groups are all about giving and receiving.

1. StackOverflow


StackOverflow is a massive forum for people who want to learn how to code, share their experiences, and advance their careers. It’s a discussion publishing site where you may ask and answer questions about a wide range of web development and computer programming issues.

You can ask a lot of questions every day. You may contribute bugs, errors, issues, or script blocks, as well as answer questions based on your programming experience.

It was founded in 2008 and is managed by Stack Exchange Inc. It is a network of around 10 million people that have signed in to answer your questions, discuss the challenges you are experiencing with your code, and discover the issue.

The majority of the time, the solution will come from previously posed questions.

There have previously been millions of questions answered. Therefore the likelihood of obtaining a solution is quite significant.

The main disadvantage of this programming community is that there is so much going on that a new developer may become overwhelmed using it. Take your time, read for a while, and then step in when you’re ready.

2. GitHub


GitHub is a community where people may easily communicate their code. If you want to find other programmers to get into the details with you and collaborate on outstanding aspects, GitHub is the place to go. It’s also a great place to look for other open-source code that might be appropriate or useful for your project.

GitHub is also a terrific location to spend quality time looking for ideas since you can keep track of many different projects that community members are working on.

Because it isn’t highly conversational, we recommend combining GitHub with some of these other communities to give a perfect combination.

3. Reddit


Reddit is a massive social network with approximately 330 million active users. There is never a lack of content on Reddit. Reddit is a discussion website where users can submit links, photos, or blog posts for others to comment on and rate up or down.

There are numerous conversations about programming and software development as well. There are several developers and software engineers, as well as a plethora of never-ending discussions, that may be highly useful for developers in keeping up with emerging technology.

You can subscribe to over 130,000 active groups, also known as “Subreddits” by Redditors. If you’re more interested in web development, here are a few subreddits to check out: r/WebDev, r/LearnProgramming, and r/webdesign are all subreddits.

4. freeCodeCamp


freeCodeCamp is an entirely free organization that teaches you to code through constructing projects. Every month, they assist millions of individuals in learning about coding and technology.

They provide credentials that require around 300 hours of concentrated instruction. These self-paced certificates, so you can take as much time as you need to complete them. Join their developer community to gain new perspectives or discover new techniques and methods to incorporate into your work.

Over 40,000 alumni have landed work with Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, and others. You can use freeCodeCamp’s forum site, where millions of coders from all over the world share their thoughts, ideas, problems, and errors to improve their skills.

Plenty of YouTube videos, articles, dynamic coding tutorials, group work, and forums make it simple for anyone to study.

5. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network

If you’re willing to develop apps for Firefox, the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is the place to be. They have a plethora of active newsgroups, newsletters, discussions, news feeds, and standards organizations. You can learn about the most recent upgrades, common issues, and how to create web pages for mobile devices on the site.

MDN also has a wealth of information on Mozilla’s products and how to use them properly. The system also offers you access to a slew of capabilities that are valuable in general, even if you have no prior experience with Firefox programming.

It’s a great idea to sign up for a couple of these if you would like to stay up to date on what’s happening in the development industry.

6. Hashnode


Hashnode is a community where you can meet the top developers worldwide. It assists developers in resolving real-world difficulties. You may submit content to share with the developer community, or you can exhibit your most recent work. You may ask a question and get answers from people in the community.

It combines a self-contained group with a distributed blog platform. It differs from other communities in that members are actively encouraged to ask and answer opinion-based questions and contribute news, ideas and move the business forward.

Hashnode also includes a blogging platform where members may share their expertise by posting their articles online. It also hosts Q&As, activities, and conversations to round out the experience. While people of various skill levels populate it, newcomers and beginners are warmly welcomed.

7. Dev Community

Dev Community

Dev Community is an open-source software engineering community where developers can collaborate, learn, stay current, support one another, and advance their careers.

To improve your coding abilities, you can use materials such as lectures, FAQs, podcasts, articles, real-world examples, and the expertise of others.

This network covers almost every aspect of computer programming, including JavaScript, Angular, React, CSS, and Python. It’s an excellent website for beginners to code and future suggestions.


Involvement in code groups provides a beautiful chance to communicate with a support system of independent developers. Also, discover answers to current issues, and stay competitive by supporting others.

Once you’ve identified a domain that fits you, become engaged by assisting other developers, participating in discussions, exchanging ideas, and putting yourself out there. We all realize that the internet has linked the entire world. As a result, no one is too far away to exchange ideas.

These communities aid in the advancement of web development and computer programming. Participating in one of the many online groups can help you broaden your programming knowledge.

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