Brief Information About Samsung ML-2151n Driver and Printer

by Admira Keric
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The Samsung ML-2151N driver and printer is a Samsung printer specially designed to serve the various needs of your office. With different exciting specifications, this printer can be the right choice for those looking for a printer to meet diverse printing needs but are compact. 

General Overview and Features of Samsung ML-2151N Printer

One of the most extraordinary features that Samsung has purposely installed in the ML-2151N printer is the significant input and output capacity, suitable for use in busy places such as offices or other working environments. With various advanced technologies and high quality, this tool can quickly produce printouts of good quality.

This tool is also equipped with a toner saves mode that can be used to save costs that must be spent on using this printer. The Samsung ML-2151N driver and printer can print on HVS paper, labels, stickers, envelopes, glossy paper, and other media.

Its simple and modern appearance makes this tool fit anywhere, especially in a formal environment. The body design is made boxy with a body made of sturdy and durable material.

Specifications of Samsung ML-2151N Driver and Printer

Samsung ML-2151n driver and printer

This tool has various interesting specifications that make it worth purchasing to help you in your administrative tasks. To find out more, here are some brief discussions about the specifications of the Samsung ML-2151N printer.

1. Printer General Specification

The Samsung ML-2151N printer is small for its myriad of capabilities. With a width of 14.3, a depth of 16.1, and a height of 11.6, this tool is suitable to be placed in small places or can be placed easily on the desk. This tool weighs 27.3 lbs.

This tool will consume as much as 350 watts of centrifugal energy for optimal performance. However, this tool is also equipped with a power save mode, which only consumes 15 watts when the device is active but not in use.

2. Accessories

This compact printer has also come equipped with a second paper cassette for 500 sheets and a standard Ethernet network card. In addition, there are also postscript three upgrades of the common type.

3. Printing Speed and Media

The Samsung ML-2151N driver and printer can be used to print in a resolution of 1200 dpix1200 dpi. This high resolution makes this tool a good printer that produces high-quality and clear printouts.

This printer can support print businesses of various types and sizes. This tool supports paper sizes ranging from 3″x5″ cards to legal paper sizes with 8.5″x14″ dimensions.

 The speed of the printer is also quite fast. The Samsung ML-2151N printer can complete printing tasks with 21 ppm or ten ppm duplex rates.

4. Input and Output Capacity

We have already highlighted that one of the main selling points of this tool is its enormous input and output capacity. This printer can accommodate the input of up to 500 sheets of paper in the tray, 100 in the bypass, and also 500 optional sheets.

For individual output, this tool can accommodate 250 face-down sheets and 100 sheets of paper that are face up. With this massive capacity, the ML-2151N desktop printer can be one of the best solutions for those who want a printer with large functions but don’t want to buy a formal standing office printer.


You can get a Samsung ML-2151N driver and printers easily in the market. This type of printer is highly compatible with various accessories and interfaces. It makes it easier for you to carry out operations using this tool if you need to connect with other interfaces. 

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