Samsung SCX-3405FW Driver – Multifunction Laser Printer

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Samsung issued a multifunction mono laser printer called the Samsung SCX-3405. This is a multifunctional tool that can help you print, copy, and scan documents quickly. This tool uses a Samsung SCX-3405FW driver to set it up.

Features of Samsung SCX-3405FW Multifunction Laser Printer

Samsung SCX-3405FW DriverThe Samsung SCX-3405 driver and printer have lots of exciting features that make it one of the recommended printers for you. This printer already uses mono laser printing technology with 3 in 1 capability, making you no longer need to buy a separate print, copy, and scan equipment.

This mono laser printer has been specially designed to be easy to use, consumes power, and has a meager budget for operation. The Samsung SCX-3405 is perfect for use in a large community in a home or office environment.

There is already a one-touch Eco button on the body, which makes operation easier. In addition, there is also a one-touch print screen that makes it easier for you to manage the printer during the print process.

Specifications of Samsung SCX-3405 Driver and Printer

This mono laser printer is equipped with various exciting features with high technology. Even though it has been released for a long time, thanks to the technology ahead of its time, this multifunction printer can still be used for various printing purposes until now.

To understand what are the exciting features installed on the Samsung SCX-3405, consider the following brief explanation:

1. One-Touch Eco Button

The one-touch Eco button is one of the proud features that Samsung has implemented in its multifunction printer this time. Using these features, you can save the costs you have to spend.  Simply pressing this button, you can easily switch to the eco mode, which makes you save toner, energy, and also the paper used by the paper.

By the premise, with a one-touch button, you don’t need to waste time converting this printer from normal mode to eco mode when it is not being used again. The features in the Samsung SCX-3405 driver and printer can be used to save expenses for your company.

2. Easy Eco Driver

Samsung SCX-3405 driver is equipped with accessible eco driver technology. With this feature, you can review your document accurately before printing the copy. In this software, you also adjust quality, color, cropping, removing unnecessary parts, and various other adjustments. 

In addition, you will also be given the convenience of managing matters related to the printing process and printouts, such as paper, toner, energy, and all kinds of other settings.

3. Fast Printing Technology

Samsung SCX-3405FW driverYou will undoubtedly feel annoyed if you have to wait a long time first to be able to get your printout results, right? Especially if you are in an office environment where all the processes require fast and efficient work. 

This Samsung SCX-2405 is a multifunction printer that can answer these questions. This printer is equipped with a fast printing feature to print 20 pages per minute. With this feature, you can do your tasks faster and more efficiently.

4. Compact Design

Limited space is one of the problems that almost all offices have. A desktop with documents and tools already piled up will feel too crowded with the presence of a printer again. But don’t worry, this Samsung SCX-3504 printer has been designed with a compact design. 

This tool is small to medium, so it can still be used as a multifunction printer on the desktop. Since it can be praised for its compact size and lightweight, this printer is also easy to move from one place to another.


Samsung SCX-3405 driver and printer can be the right choice for those looking for a multifunction tool that can help you in all your printing needs.

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