What is Young Living and How to Make a Login

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Do you have any interest in natural oils? Yes? Then Young Living can be an excellent option for you.

What is Young Living?

The Young Living is a Private Marketing company founded in 1993 and is based in Utah. It is a multi-level company selling Essential oils and home products.

History of Young Living

The Young living came into existence in 1993. It was created by Gary Young, who lived in Riverton, Utah. He bought the first international farm in 2006 in Ecuador. He got interested in alternative medicine after his back injury.

The first time Young was introduced to essential oils was when he met a French Lavender in California. The company has been through many cases and controversies where a lot of money was lost and robbed.

In 2015, Young resigned as the CEO, and his wife, Mary Young, become the CEO. She moved the company to Lehi in 2014. Then in 2017, she started expanding the company.


The Main products being sold by Young living are the Essential oils that they claim to be natural and pure. They also sell other related products to oils.

There were reports between 2013 to 14 that claimed that their products have been causing adverse effects on the customers’ health. These claims were declared invalid and were considered incorrect usage or any allergic reaction.

How to Log In to Young Living

You might think that signing up for Young Living is a complicated process, but trust me, it’s not. Follow the steps along with me to quickly sign up and login to your account.

Step #1

Firstly, Search for Youngliving.com and get into the website. Here you have to scroll down to the end, where you will see Become a Member option. As you have not yet signed up, you cannot log in yet.

Step #2

Considering that Young living provides paid membership, you will have to choose between the two membership plans and then enter your country and language.

Step #3

It will redirect to few different pages. After providing all the necessary information and making the payment, you will become a Young living company member.

Benefits of Young Living Membership

You might be thinking about the benefits of this paid membership, but don’t worry, that’s why I am here. These are the few benefits that you will gain after becoming a member.

  • Priority in low stock products
  • Flat rate discounted shipping
  • Potential for earning coins to buy free oils

If you have a plan to start your own business, this membership can be beneficial for you. You can buy oils and low prices and will be able to earn a hefty commission and profit on the products.


Now that you have a login and become a member, you can easily buy any essential oils and home products.

That’s all from my side. Logging in is easier than you think, so don’t worry, follow the steps above, and become a young living company member.

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