Tech Trends That Will Stick Around Post-Pandemic

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The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic saw an explosion of remote tech, alongside other ways to live life without leaving your home.

As more people are vaccinated and the restrictions lift, these pieces of tech are going nowhere. Let’s take a look at them.

Online Classes

Online classes have been around for years before the pandemic, and while many people will prefer to go back to school in person, there may be more robust classes available for students.

One reason for this is because online classes allow for a flexible schedule and more of an ability to complete the class at your own pace, which in-person classes tend to lack.

Zoom Meetings

Meetings are a hassle no matter who you are. If you don’t have to attend in person and can instead do it without pants, who wouldn’t pass this up?

Zoom meetings will continue, especially as camera and internet connections get easier to use and become faster.

Food and Grocery Delivery

These are pieces of tech that have been around for a while. Obviously, pizza delivery has existed forever. However, Doordash and other services exploded in 2020. The ability to have someone deliver your groceries or food to your door is just too tempting to pass up.

Some people may go back to doing it in person due to the fact that these services have a service fee and a tip you have to pay. For some, it’s just cheaper to get the food yourself. However, many of these services have a monthly or annual plan that helps you to save on some of these service fees.

Online Shopping

Online shopping? We shouldn’t tell you it’s going nowhere. Amazon was already on the rise and brick and mortar stores were on a fall. While some people may prefer to shop at stores in person, ordering from Amazon is still going to happen.

Movies on Demand

The old way of doing major motion pictures was to release them in theaters, then on physical media, and streaming later on.

With the pandemic, many movies were postponed, but some managed to find their way to streaming services. Some required an extra fee, while others were thrown to you free of charge if you were a subscriber.

While some people will prefer to see movies in theaters, the medium was already on the decline. Many have 4K TVs, home theater sound, and they may not want to spend money on $8 popcorn and soda.

We expect more people to offer their movies on streaming services simultaneously with movies.


Another trend that is going nowhere? Telehealth.

Telehealth covers online therapy and medical services that are available through a video or online chat with your doctor and therapist. For many, therapy in the traditional sense means driving around and risking being seen. For severely depressed people, leaving the house seems impossible.

Online therapy is able to bring the therapist to your home, and studies have shown that it’s just as effective as therapy in person.

One website that may rise is Mind Diagnostics. Taking a quiz to see if you have a mental health issue, then talking to a professional, is what that website is about. For more information, click here:

It Accelerates the Inevitable

We live in the age of convenience, where we can order anything or watch anything from our phone or TV. These types of tech were rising before, and they will continue to rise as speeds increase and technology becomes more convenient.

Traditional methods, like physical stores and media, will still have a place and may evolve. However, for the time being, embrace change.

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