A Short Guide to Navigating Security within a Business

by Admira Keric
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Navigating the security maze is something that every company, business, and the individual must do. In a business setting, it isn’t as straightforward as it might be for a lone user, as there are a lot of risks to evaluate. Business owners also need to be wary of their budget limitations and what they have available to them. 

What can businesses do?

When it comes to tasks like this, businesses need to think carefully about what they can do to help their employees become more aware. They have the task of working with software and groups of people to ensure that their company doesn’t go bankrupt directly due to a cyberattack or in the proceedings after that. 

This could be through a loss of customer faith, loss of money or the company might fold from the inside. Here is a short guide for what businesses can do when navigating security within their business. 

1. Security awareness training 

TeamworkSecurity awareness training is important for ensuring that your employees are aware of the dangers of working online and what security breaches there are. This can be potentially business saving, so it is well worth businesses investing in it and making the most of their business’s budget in this area. Click here to learn more about security awareness training and how it can help employees work more effectively with software and understand why certain policies are in place. 

2. A business can make sure that its site is under surveillance

This is important for security in general. This can be ensuring security cameras are in place and ensuring that employees have key cards or access codes to buildings. They should also have burglar alarms in place in case of breaking. Surveillance also helps catch employees if there is a safety risk at work or if you have tech mysteriously disappearing. It can help businesses get to the root of their problems more quickly. 

3. Businesses might find it beneficial to try network segregation

Network segregation is something that can help businesses have control over what devices can access what servers at what times. If unknown devices are trying to connect to servers (or even devices that should be out of use trying to connect to servers), businesses can stop them from having the right to access that server. This is important when stopping unwanted devices from accessing sensitive areas of your business, even if unintentional. 

4. The importance of using MFA

Multifactorial authentication can help businesses with the theft of devices or if there has been an attack so that accounts can’t be accessed through just passwords alone. MFA can help businesses make their accounts more secure, as it requires a password and a one-time code or a fingerprint or facial identification to get into the account. This is important to keep data safe and stop any perpetrator from getting in.

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