3 SEO Blog Content Ideas to Engage Readers and Search Algorithms

by Admira Keric
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Did you know that Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times each year? Luckily, the changes can be small and if you keep up with your SEO then you do not have to worry. So, how do you stay SEO relevant in the vast world of online searches? Your SEO content strategy is the answer.

Here are the top 3 SEO blog content ideas for you to continue engaging your readership.

1. Think About Questions

Man writes a blogOne of the best SEO content marketing strategies is to give people answers to their questions. There are three ways to find the most popular question for your specific niche. If you own a business that uses customer service then ask your staff. They can easily tell you the most common questions they receive from their customers.

The sales team will offer insight into potential customer questions, which will help you develop SEO blog content that markets to future clients. These questions also help keep your articles local if you are a small business. Another way to find questions revenant to your business is to look at popular forums that focus on answering questions. Sites like Quora and Reddit are great sources.

Lastly, certain tools are available to scan the internet for popular questions based on a single keyword or phrase. This is similar to keyword searches but is sample questions to get your ideas flowing.

2. Get High-quality Backlinks

Your SEO strategy is not just about the topic of your blog post. You also want to use backlinks to get your site’s reputation up. So, how many backlinks to rank on page 1 of Google and other search engines? There is no one answer to this question because backlinks vary. The quality of your backlinks means more than the quantity. So, you need a balance of getting quick and easy backlinks from various small sites and more difficult backlinks from major sites.

Both types of backlinks will help your site more if articles are related to your business or blog niche. You can also offer guest posts that link back to your site.

3. Check the News

If you want to get fresh content ideas then your SEO strategies should include reading the news and finding topics that people want to read. Many news sites use these content marketing tips to release click-bait headlines, but you can do better. Offer your readers a different perspective on a topic rather than repeating what everyone else is saying.

This will build trust among your audience while capitalizing on a hot topic. However, remember to keep the blog article within the realm of your business or focus.

Consistent SEO Blog Content Ideas

It is essential to use these SEO blog content ideas continuously to keep your site ranking and contain a devoted audience. The more you post the more people will return to your site. This will also help search engines to recognize your content as an authority on certain niche topics.

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