Publix Passport Login – How To Access Self Service Portal

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Publix has one of the most famous supermarket chains in the united states. It is an employee-owned company. Therefore, the employees avail great benefits by using its website.

The online portal Publix Passport is created for the ease of employees. It is also known as Publix Oasis, which is the operating system that controls it. Now, if you are an employee and do not use this portal, then you are missing out!

Here are some easy points to help you log in and take the full advantage.

How and Where to Start?

  1. You can use any device to open and operate your account.
  2. Go to and start by clicking login in the top right corner.
  3. Once the login page appears, write in your username also called your personal number and password in the given boxes. Press the green login button.

There you go! Now you can review:

  • Your payment information
  • Work schedules
  • Personal information
  • Employee discounts
  • Self-development resources
  • Career options
  • Merchandise
  • Apparel
  • Other benefits.

Which Devices are Suitable?

There is no dire need to open up a laptop and use your Publix account on it.

You can easily install the Publix mobile app and check your account anytime, anywhere you want. It is available on all android and iOS phones.

However, if you are out of the united states, the Publix portal is inaccessible. International portals are not applicable yet.

Forgot your Password?

There is nothing to worry about. Just reset your password using the ‘difficulty with password’ link. Here are different ways.

  1. Type your user ID and the last four digits of your social security number. Then just simply follow the instructions.
  2. Write in your registered email address. An email with a verification link will be sent to that address. Click on it and create a new password.
  3. Use your registered contact number to reset your password. You will receive a text about resetting your password.

Forgetting your password will never be a hassle if you provide your details accurately. You will get to reset your password rapidly.

Features not Showing?

There may be some glitch when a few features might not show. It could be because your web browser is outdated. Or the website is under maintenance and updating.

Try deleting your browser history. Clear cache. Go for another browser. If there remains a problem, contact the human resources department.


Publix has provided its employees with this portal so that they can manage their work-related data. Employees can have access to information and benefits. Hence, all this login help is so that you are not devoid of your perks.

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