What is a Content Calendar and Why Should You Use One?

by Admira Keric
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In this day and age, a content calendar should be a part of anyone doing business online and on social media, whether they be a solo blogger or a large company. However, sometimes people tend to opt out of using one due to the fact they take quite a while to create and maintain. But even, this problem can be solved rather easily as there are many out there that have shared their templates. Anyone can only tweak and begin working on a fine-tuned schedule. Remain unconvinced? Have more questions? Keep reading, and we’ll answer all your questions.

What is a Content Calendar?

Content calendarAny SEO plan should include content marketing. But there’s a catch: excellent content requires time, work, and strategy to produce. Unlike other marketing strategies that can usually be implemented on a monthly or quarterly basis, your content game plan must be active at all times. It’s difficult to grow your business and be consistent when you have a lot on your plate. Content falls by the wayside before you realize it. That’s why you need a content calendar.

A content calendar is a planning, collaboration, publishing, distribution, and promotion tool for marketing teams. Content calendars provide teams with a birds-eye perspective of the whole publishing process, allowing them to collaborate on content and stick to a consistent schedule. Using a content calendar, a team can plan any piece of content they want to publish, from blog posts to podcasts. And its benefits are aplenty.

Why You Should Use One

1. Focusing on Goals and Staying Organized

You can’t afford to take chances when it comes to the type of material you publish as a company. You must have a purpose and objective in mind that will guide everything you do. While marketing and content publishing may not be your company’s main objective, they are vital in the age of the internet. So, to avoid the hassle and disorganized chaos that ensues when you realize at 3 AM that an article needs to go out, plan it out ahead of time, and it simply won’t happen anymore.

And it’s not just the organization that will improve. By taking full advantage of a content calendar, your marketing efforts can skyrocket in success rates. When everything is planned out, you can easily align the content with the overall goals of the company and time everything perfectly.

2. Eliminate Big Mistakes

On a similar note, by planning for mistakes and including a sort of failsafe in the calendar, you can prevent huge mistakes. This allows your team and colleagues more than enough time to proofread the content and double-check the facts. By using a calendar to plan, you can add an extra degree of security by having everything triple-checked and approved company-wide. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3. Keep Your Team Accountable

Office team meetingTo create content, you need to be ready to put your time and effort into it. You can get started by writing articles, writing reviews, or proofreading the work of others. However, the ultimate objective should be to pass it over. It’s much easier to do with the help of a content calendar.

Each member of your team will have a better understanding of what’s coming up and what they need to accomplish if you have a common content strategy in place. One person can be in charge of writing blog entries, another of recording promotional videos, and the third could be in charge of optimizing it for SEO.

4. It Saves Time

Creating high-quality content takes more than an hour; it might take days. Let’s say you want to successfully share high-quality material with your target audience. You can’t afford to get the job half done or write a piece based on skimming a few other articles. If you do this, there’s a huge risk of losing that part of your audience that relies on the advice you offer. But this is not a problem when you have everything planned out, as you could have articles ready days, even weeks ahead of time. Imagine having a six-month content bank; that’s what good content life is all about: more high-quality material delivered consistently.

5. Helps Content Ideation

Tablet on the tableIt’s not uncommon for a full staff to work on a single social media message, evaluating and fine-tuning every phrase. Typically, graphic designers, copywriters, account managers, public relations, and brand specialists will collaborate on a single piece of content.

However, the creatives in your business usually feel pressed by the technical side of things. This, in turn, has an impact on the final product’s quality. A calendar relieves you of this pain, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: the content itself.

Wrapping Up

With a great content calendar, you’ll soon be on your way towards creating a great business and fostering some long-term relationships with your customers. However, creating a calendar is simply the first step, but everything else is much easier when the whole system is well-organized.

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