BlackBerry Messenger To Shut Down in May

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Now it is the time to move on from BBM. The user’s version of the BlackBerry Messenger will be going to delete on May 31. Emtek, the Indonesia-based company which has a partnership with BlackBerry in 2016.

Now they announced the closure of their partnership. It is imperative to note that BBM will still exist. Today BlackBerry has revealed a plan to release its enterprise-version of BBM to its users.

Now, BBM Enterprise will be available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for its users. The service will be free for its users for a year and after it will charge $2.49 for the next six months of their service.

The version of the software the same as the consumer version. It still has many features like group chatting, voice and video calling and the features to edit and retract on the messages.

As explained by BlackBerry owners, BBM enterprise features end-to-end encryption on messaging. BBM enterprise can be easily downloaded on any Android, iOS, Windows or MAC operating systems that your device uses.

The sender and recipient of BBM enterprise both have unique public and private encryption and signing values. These values are generated on all those Android, IOS and windows devices which has FIPS 140-2 is certified on the cryptographic library, which is simply controlled by BlackBerry. All message was used as a new useful key for message encryption is also available.

Additionally, TLS encryption between all these devices and BlackBerry’s infrastructure also protects the BBM enterprises on messages, voice and video calls from manipulation and their working.Emtek, the company owner of BlackBerry does a partnership in 2016 to run the consumer version of the messaging and calling app.

Mark Wilson, BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer, said that companies working are not good enough, BBM users won’t be work without a secure working platform. You can now go to the Google Play store to download the new BBM enterprises.

The enterprise version of the BBM enterprises app is best with that BlackBerry to continues run. The app will be free from the first year. However, it will cost $2.49 for the next six months. BlackBerry is also working on an IOS platform.

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