5 Best Safety Gadgets to Look for in 2019

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Best Safety Gadgets

Recently a terrifying statistic has been released by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. According to this statistic, one out of five women has to face rape at some point. Women across the world are worried after checking this terrifying statistic. It’s a significant societal problem which should be addressed and solved on a large scale.

The innovation of different gizmos and gadgets are not the perfect solutions to this problem but these tech innovations can definitely safe women as well as children in certain situations.

Certain startups have created innovative apps and products which can save women from life-threatening situations. Women can disguise these devices in their nail polish or jewelry.

Today we’ll reveal 5 Best Safety Gadgets to look for in 2019.

iSecuro GPS Tracking Device:

This one is the first device in our list which is extremely useful for child’s safety. This GPS tracking device comes with different advanced features and intelligent technology. Its sleek design makes it user-friendly and convenient. Find more details about this GPS Tracking device here.

  • You can use it in any mobile or web application.
  • It’ll work like a guardian and give you personal security.
  • You can carry this compact device in any vehicle or baggage.
  • You can easily track the location through your mobile or web device.
  • You can get the location history, geofence notifications quite easily.
  • It also includes the SOS emergency button.

You can definitely try this one to save your children as well as older adults in your family.


Athena is an excellent safety device. You can easily pin it to your purse or clothing. You can even wear it as a necklace. It comes with a center recessed button which is provided to convey accidental alert. If you press it for at least three seconds, it’ll create a loud alarm.

Along with that the friends and family members will get the notification of your current location. On the other hand, if you press it three times simultaneously, it’ll send silent alerts to your family and friends.


The functionality of Stiletto sets it apart from the rest. It has a stylish look, and it’ll call 911 on your behalf. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or pendant. Just press it one time, and it’ll contact your friends, family members and police. The best thing if you cannot speak, an automated voice assistant will inform everything on your behalf. You can press it the second time to ensure safety.

Undercover Color:

University students developed this excellent app, Undercover Color. Nowadays different drugs are used to do date rape. That is why a new nail polish has been invented which will change the color if any drink holds any drug. It has already saved $5.5 million people. You can get it by visiting its official website.


Revolar can be used with the help of cellular data or Wi-Fi. You can click it two times if you smell danger somewhere and you can click it three times if you are in danger. You can download the app version to make a phone call which will go with a pre-recorded message. In this way, you can get out of danger in a pinch.

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