15 CouchTuner Alternatives That Actually Work in 2021

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CouchTuner is a widely used website for watching movies and television series. Well, a large number of viewers from a specific region of the world may not get free access to the CouchTuner. And they may have to use VPN to enjoy the movies over the site. Therefore, they can look for alternatives.

The streaming industry has undergone a significant expansion and has shown considerable growth over the years. Therefore, an increasing number of alternatives are available for movie lovers.

Here a list of top 15 CouchTuner alternatives has been provided. You can get through them to get the best option.

CouchTuner Alternatives

Most of the people love to movies online these days. There is a large number of websites that offer a massive collection of movies for free. CouchTuner is one of those websites with immense viewership. And if you are a movie lover, you may already be familiar with CouchTuner.

If you are searching for a specific find but could not find it on the website, you can try CouchTuner alternatives. There are many websites, just like CouchTuner, providing the same content and helping all the movie fans. All of these websites can fulfill all of your needs in one click.

The following are the top 15 alternatives of CouchTuner, and you will find no problem while navigating about them.



SolarMovie is on the top of the list as the most popular alternatives to CouchTuner.It is a user-friendly website and provides you new and trending content. You can watch movies and shows from different genres here.

No need to get an account on the website, but if you get yourself registered at the website, you can also rate, save the content, watch later, and can also request any show. Well, the registration is free of cost and will not ask for any personal information.

The website is supported by non-affiliated individuals and third parties. And the website did not provide any material which is not available on the site. Furthermore, you will enjoy your favorite movies here free of cost. There are many mirror sites for SolarMovie, and these are full of popup ads.

The following are the essential features of SolarMovie

  • You can request the content of your choice.
  • You can search throughout the site using relevant filters (Country, name of the Actor, IMDB Rating)
  • Movies are categorized with different categories like Animation, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, War, etc.

Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix

If you want to watch TV shows or have daily shows that you can’t live without, then this site is a perfect option for you. Here, you can get everything from hottest blockbusters to even small TV shows.

You can search all the programs either by name or through search filters. The new shows and movies are available on the homepage, with all the updated movies. And you can also get all the TV shows with all the new episodes there. The website is updated regularly, and it is a worth watching platform.

Daily TV Fix has more than a dozen mirrors for each show. The website is quite active, and if you have any queries or questions, then this is the site you need to consider. And you can also discuss and share your reviews regarding your favorite TV shows or movies there. Here, you can also request your favorite content too there.

New Episodes

New Episodes

All those who love to watch movies and TV series online, know that hundreds of websites can help them. But the situation gets tough when you search for the latest episodes.

Well, as the name indicates, ‘New Episodes’ is the place where you can get all the new exciting episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies. All the new episodes are uploaded just after they are aired. The programs will be available just minutes after they have been telecasted. So, it is the best option for you.

At once, you may find that you are at the Games of Thrones fansite, as the banner is plastered right in the middle of the site. But you need to scroll down, and you will find all the most popular shows there.

All the shows are available in alphabetical order, from where you can select the one. You can also check the schedule to know when episodes will be uploaded.

The website is a great place to enjoy movies and TV programs as you will not get a single spoiler over here. The website provides all those TV shows which are broadcast every week. You can search the programs either manually or through the search bar.

The administration tries to update the site as best as they can. But if you found any episode missing, you can contact them and let them know about it. And the episode will be uploaded as soon as possible.

It can be an excellent forum for you if you are looking for social interaction or a community to discuss your favorite programs. Furthermore, the new users can also introduce themselves there, and get a fantastic welcome there.



Among all the streaming sites, this is the most amazing and useful site. The sites were started just a few years ago. But it is a matter of the fact that the site has gained massive viewership and popularity within no time.

Just like other CouchTuner alternatives, Putlocker is a free website for movie lovers. It is a user-friendly website. The appearance of the site is quite appealing, and you will enjoy while browsing movies and shows there.

Putlocker is an online streaming website, and it has been providing fantastic stuff for long. The site has a lot of movies, tons of TV shows, and so many mirrors. And above all, there is no need to create the account on the website, and you will not face any sort of stupid advertisements there.

The site can provide you show from a wide range of genres, which includes shows from Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, and so on. And it is the most reliable website all over the globe. So, it is a good option in those countries where few specific sites have been blocked.

The downside of this site is ads, which pop up after every minute. But fortunately, you can get various mirrors to try out.



Moviewatcher is a great option when it comes to movies and TV shows. Unlike CouchTuner, here, you need to register a free account so that you can get all of your favorite programs.

Moviewatcher is a free movie streaming website, where anyone can watch his favorite TV shows and movies. You can enjoy full content free of cost, no need to get an account here. Furthermore, you can get everything there, so no need to go anywhere.

The site is quite easy to use and has a pretty good interface. So, you can easily brow different movie titles. So, you can enjoy your favorite movies here.

You can also download all of your favorite programs and can watch them later, either on PC or smartphones. The content is well designed and provides a great user experience. You can easily navigate through the site.

Whatever kind of genre you want to watch, the site has something suitable for everyone. You can watch the action, animation, adventure, comedy, drama, biography, comedy, romantic, horror, news, mystery and musical, war, thriller, war, and western movies here.

AZ Movies


If you are entirely conscious when it comes to aesthetics, you will love the site. At first sight, you may consider it as one of Netflix’s adversaries, but as you will start to explore the site, you will find the site is free.

A group of film and movie fans came together and created the site. And more surprisingly, the interface appears to have been created with love. You can find all the latest and old movies here. You can even find one of the oldest movies, which was released in 1915. And it was directed by the Charlie Chaplin himself.

AZ Movies offers a wide range of movies and dramas. When you open the homepage, a Black UI will appear in front of you, and you can get movies and web series of various categories like

  • Action
  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime and many more

Categories of all the movies are arranged in alphabetical order. Ratings and quality of each movie are also provided with the thumbnail of the film.

Here, you can download every video available. On click, will leads you towards the desired movie. The visitors can all the information related to the movies on the single page, while more than mirror links are also available on the page.

Well, there is no need to get registered yourself. You can enjoy the entire content free of cost without any formality.

Look Movie

Look Movie

Although while watching the movies on this site, many ads may disturb you, it will all be worth it due to how well the site has been designed.

If you want to find your favorite movie over here, you will have two options, i.e., search bar and category feature, respectively. You can also filter the results keeping in mind the genres you are searching for.

Well, unlike most of the sites, you are not requested to get registered on Look Movie. That means, you can go straight and can watch all of your favorite movies over there.



Flixtor is a streaming site that is freely available on the internet very quickly. It can provide you TV shows and films.

Surprisingly, you will not find even a single ad over here, and this is the best thing about this website. And you can watch your favorite films there for over a long period.

The website is free of cost even you do not need to register yourself. So, you are not going to share your personal information there. You will start watching films as soon as you get the homepage.

Though, if you are well satisfied with the website, you can also create an account over here. Once you have created your account, you will be able to enjoy more features of the website. And you can also create your playlist and can also playlist with your friends and family.

There is also another option to upgrade to a VIP account, where you need to pay a small amount of fee. Besides, you can enjoy the free version is more than enough for a movie lover.

You have two choices here to search for your film, either through the search bar or visit segments and categories. You will get your required video within just a few seconds. The quality of all the videos available here is quite high. And you can enjoy the same quality of videos both on mobile phones and PC.



When you search for CouchTuner alternatives, Movies Joy will pop up in your mind as the best possible option. The website is a massive collection of both movies and TV series. There is no need to get an account to watch movies. You can watch movies by merely getting the homepage open.

The user interface of the website is average and may not be simple to use this site for all the viewers. Well, it gives an easy way to select the movie to watch in your leisure time. For the administration, the satisfaction of users is above all. Therefore, you will not find even a single ad on the website. So, you can easily and comfortably enjoy your favorite content without any disturbance over here.



Well, as a wide range of free online streaming sites are available, it is no wonder that only a few people know about StreamLikers. But it is one of the oldest movie sites available these days.

The site is not available in some areas of the world; therefore, its popularity is quite low. But no need to worry, with the VPN you can watch movies from anywhere.

Here you cannot store the content. All the movies are now available on the site are embedded from particular sources.

123Movies Hub

123Movies Hub

Just like Putlocker, 123Movies hub is the best option available as an alternative to the CouchTuner. And it is one of the oldest movie sites you will have ever found.

The creators of the platform were great fans of movies. After the failure of their first website, “123 Movies”, they started it with another name, “123Movies Hub”. They are passionate about providing the best movies to top their viewers from all over the world.

The interface of the website is straightforward to use, and you can explore a wide range of movies here. The website is free from any trouble with navigation. And it was the first site which provided free of cost movies to all the movie lovers.

The appearance of the website is up to the mark, and UI makes it easy for the users to get their desired content.

To get the complete access here, you need to sign up. Otherwise, you will be able to get only movie trailers or a few TV shows. With the account, you can also enjoy your favorite films without annoying ads.

The thumbnails are provided here offer a natural choice for the users to select. Well, here you can also get the box office listings if you are willing to watch the movies in theaters.  Furthermore, all the movies are available in HD quality. The IMDb ratings and reviews are mentioned in the movies here.

Movie Rulz

Movie Rulz

Just like other CouchTuner alternatives, the site also presents a wide range of movies over here. If you love to watch movies, the site is going to be worth watching. The site may look quite simple. Furthermore, the website is ad-free. You can watch movies from various genres like Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tamil.

You can download your favorite movies here with the help of the torrent client. The site has everything that you may need. With the type of movies, you can also listen, enjoy, and download the songs. For your smartphone, you can install an app, which you can get on their homepage.



Crackle is one of the best CouchTuner alternatives. The site is hosted by Sony, and here you can get movies of various genres. And here you do not need to get an account; all that you will watch over here will be free.

The videos you can watch here are of HD quality and can give you the best user experience. The user interface is simple, and you can use it very quickly. Even those who are unfamiliar with the idea of online streaming can easily enjoy the movies here.

The application of Crackle is available online; you can get it and can enjoy all of your TV shows and movies. The downside is that site is not accessible in all the countries. So, you can either check another website or can download and install the VPN, which will help you to get access to the website.

5 Movies

5 Movies

The website was registered as Tinkle Movies, but later on, the creators change the name, and now it is known as 5 Movies. The site is like a search engine where you can get all kinds of your favorite movies with all the links and sources.

You can visit the website with the movie titles, and 5 Movies will bring you a list of sources where you can watch all of them free. The website also provides the latest movies, and you can also select one from them in your free time.

The site is like a search engine where you can get the links to watch movies, videos, or TV shows. All you need is to search for the video which you want to watch. The 5 Movies will give a long list of choices from where you can select the one you want to watch.

The interface of the website is quite comfortable. Users can get the complete freedom to search all the videos directly from the browse related to any genre. Well, here you may encounter some annoying ads, which is the major downside of the website.

Cinema Cafe

Cinema Cafe

Once it was known as the Café Movie, but with time, they change the name and domain too. And now they are known as the Cinema Cafe.

The interface of the site is quite attractive and very easy to use. The site has not gained much fame and popularity but still managed to survive. The website can offer you a wide range of movies and trying to entertain movie lovers all over the globe.

The site is straightforward to use and has no complicated features. It is effortless to navigate, and you can watch what you want. It can give you excellent user experience. Here, all the videos or movies are arranged into different categories. And each video is completely synchronized with its category.

The site is the best place to enjoy the movies, but few ads can pop up a couple of times. Here you need to register yourself if you want to enjoy the constant streaming of movies over here. Well, the registration is free of cost. The account will enable you to get access to the account.

Final Thoughts

the technology has taken over the entertainment, and now it is different from what it once used to be. Once people used to buy the DVD’s to enjoy their favorite movies but now they are free. Every one of you can watch them online without spending a single penny.

The movie lovers can find a wide range of websites for online streaming of the movies, and CouchTuner is one of them. But the site is not available in all the regions. Therefore you need to switch for some alternatives.

And a brief description of all the CouchTuner alternatives is provided in this article. You can select one according to your needs.

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