How To Choose the Right Pendant and Neck Pendant

by Tech Billow
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Let’s say that you have chosen one of the above pendants to give to someone as a gift. The next question you should ask yourself is what kind of chain you are going to get. Look at these pendants – they have multiple colours in them. How do you know what to get to suit them? Read on and find out.

Metals and Colours

Both of these pendants have multiple colours involved. The first pendant has three different types of gold, each one a different colour. What type of chain will you get for it? Will you get a yellow gold pendant necklace, or something else? If you get a yellow gold necklace, then it will fit in with the dominant metal on the pendant. If you get a rose gold necklace, then it will make the rose gold in the pendant more visible. If you get a white gold necklace, then the same thing will happen.

The same thing is true of the second pendant. If you don’t look carefully, then the white gold of the palm tree looks like it has stones in it. The texture can be very deceiving from a distance. If you get a white gold chain for this pendant, then you will enhance the effect.

How Long do you Want the Chain to be?

How long do you want the chain to be? This all depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you want to wear this where people will see it?
  • Do you need to keep it out of the way of whatever activity you have in mind?

These two questions will determine how long you want and need the chain to be. A short chain is best if you want someone to see your necklace. That will make it visible. A short chain is also good if you will be doing an activity where it needs to stay out of the way. There will be less chance for it to get hooked on something and cause an injury.

If you want to keep your necklace discreetly hidden, then a long chain is best. This will allow you to keep it tucked under your top.

How Heavy is your Pendant?

The two pendants above are quite small and therefore light. Light pendants can be worn on small chains since they are unlikely to break off.

What if you were wearing something like this, which is a lot heavier? Heavier pendants need a more heavy-duty chain. The extra weight makes them much more likely to snap a lighter one. Remember that a pendant has the weight concentrated in one particular area – it’s not like other necklaces the weight is more evenly distributed.

There you Go

Hopefully, this has helped you in your quest for the perfect necklace. There are so many pendants out there that you are bound to find one you like. Happy hunting, and remember to keep our article in mind! That way you will enjoy your pendant for much longer.

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