App Marketing Trends of 2019 – What Are the Features Your App Should Possess?

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Are you a person who always keep updates on the technology trend? Then, you know the emergence of apps and their importance. It was in the 2010 year that the app revolution got off to a very slow start. And by the year of 2016, every small and big company had apps. In fact, the second half of the year 2016 can be called as the best time for apps. In the third quarter of 2018, there were nearly 40 lakh apps (combination of Android and iOS) to choose and complete various tasks. And this year, 2019, you can call the time to be another big leap for the apps. In this article, let us focus on app marketing trends in 2019.

The era has shifted from a wired telephone to one of the wireless smartphones. Mobiles, which were used only as a means of communication have made the transition from a mere device to a knowledge gathering tool. At present, there are more devices which are made on the concept of mobile phones such as tablets and palmtops.

So, let us imagine a case study. You want to be an entrepreneur having a business in Bangalore. You plan to open one home maintenance company which provides the best doorstep repair services in Bangalore for home electronic appliances. And you want to have an app. But there are already many companies which have a similar service and also have an app in the play store. So, how are you going to make the app stand different from the crowd? Read the paragraphs below to gain information.

Wireless 5G

Wireless 5G

The famous proverb which has always stayed true since history – Change is permanent. This applies even to the mobile sector. The focus is now on 5G technology. This new version promises more speed than the present 4G technology. There are some applications in apps and other websites which take time to download. But in 5G, time will not be a concern. So, if you are a business entrepreneur, your app should be focused on having the best app features as per the requirement of a customer. This is one important aspect for the app marketing trends of 2019 and the features your app should possess.

STP: Segmentation, Targeting, and PositioningSTP

The full form of STP is Segmentation, Targeting as well as Positioning. Have a look properly at the best marketing practices in the industry. You must be knowing the four fundamentals – Place, Promotion, Product and Price. To achieve success in your industry, you must place the product or service in front of the right audience. Yes, the prices have to be affordable to make the customer go for the call of action mode. The logic works out on the same principle as STP.

If you want to design an app, it is necessary to know the requirements of your target audience. In recent times, in any industry, customers want personalization. It has been noted, that the response is favorable when the customers can link their mind with the personalized ads. Before designing an app, kindly ensure that you know the demographics of your audience, place, and position. The app should be positioned in such a place, that the target audience is likely to reach and download.



The era of mobiles has turned the tables more in favor of the customer. Gone are the days, when you have to go to the restaurant for food. Now, you can order online food to be delivered at your doorstep. Similar are many tasks you can complete such as payment of bills, or purchasing a product online.

So, ensure that the advertisements of your app are placed at the relevant sites. Another feature which is a must in the app marketing trends of 2019.

AI/Machine Learning:

AI/Machine Learning

As already mentioned above, how can you know your target audience? Yes, there are tools which make use of AI and machine learning to give you accurate information about your audience. When you implement machine learning into the app, more knowledge is accumulated regarding the target audience.

If your app has the features to send alerts to the audience in times of a discount or offers, then it can gain more popularity. As a business, with the implementation of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can send a more personal recommendation to your audience members.

Other Benefits:

Other Benefits

AI can also take inputs from the customer’s purchases, sales and make data. Then it can recognize when to send alerts via the app to generate revenue to specific customers. There are also special software tools such as the App Radar Software which makes use of AI to find the best keywords for the app. Implementation of recent technologies in your business app is a must and do not forget this part as it is one of the app marketing trends of 2019.



If there is one technology which has made a recent change in customer care, it is chatbots. This name has become popular with every app user as well developer. Every individual wants to save time, and these chatbots do the required service by giving answers about the product or service in a short time. Now, no more should the customer have to hold a phone for getting the required service or order a product.

Customer Expectation:

Customer Expectation

Nowadays, every customer wants to have his/her voice heard in the least possible time. They are not interested in spending their time looking through the questions and answers. The least they want to do is to phone a number and get the right answer. Now, chatbots are the best option for these kinds of customers. Installing chatbots in the app is a mere way of informing the customer, that you value their suggestions, and give the best response within a short time.


So, have you read the article on the app marketing trends of 2019 and what are the features that your app should possess? Yes, there are other features that the app should possess like blockchain and cryptocurrency. But that is for the future. As of now, kindly ensure that the above-mentioned features are available in the app.

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